She's Okay

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Third Person

"You need to listen to me and prepare for what I have to tell you," Drew exhaled, getting ready to explain everything to Imogen. He can feel each puff of air caress her cheek when she exhaled. Lucas watched the scene unfold in front of him, letting Imogen release the rage inside of her. Drew's heart ached in his chest at the sight of Imogen's tear strained face.


Rebel was holding a flashlight in his one hand and an enormous bag in the other, flashing his light towards the stairs that led to an underground room. His foot creaked with every step on the olden wooden stairs. Finally, he reached the candlelit room, gently placing the bag next to her. A crystal chandelier hung over her, but no electricity was available in the room.

Several lit candles surrounded her head, brightening up the dark warily room. Rebel kneeled down next to her body, admiring her beauty and praying the plan worked. His hand reached out to stroke her freckled cheek, placing her curled brown hair behind her ear. Rebel was too busy lightening up the rest of the candles to notice her chest rising.

Frankie's eyes fluttered open, exhaling a large breath. She was trying to control her breathing and take in everything that had occurred. Rebel heard her movement, turning around and rushing over to her body.

He kneeled down, rubbing her shoulders. "Hey, hey, hey," he comforted her. Frankie's frantically breathing calmed down at the site of the boy who owned her heart. Her hand reached for his arm while he kept assuring her everything was fine. She used his arm to help herself up and wrapping her arms along his back. He instantly hugged her back tightly, taking in the smell of her pomegranate perfume.

Frankie released her tears in his loving embrace. Her tears kept coming like a river. She held him thoroughly, the sound of his laughter bringing even more tears to her eyes. The guilt of what she caused Imogen to go through tonight was almost intolerable, but she had too. Now Frankie was finally able to be free.


"Frankie had to die. Taisla taking over Kylie's body was a complete blindside, and she wasn't prepared. Taisla had control over her and she wasn't going to stop," Drew said, watching the tears dripping down Imi's confused face. "We weren't going to be able to stop her tonight until she knew Frankie was dead. She had to believe it," he explained. Imogen, still trying to make connections to everything, dried her runny nose with her sleeve.

"Katherine was able to help her cast a spell," Drew said.

Imogen's mouth was open wide as she held in her breath subconsciously. "Frankie's alive," Drew blurted out leading to Imi exhaling the breath she was holding in. After his speech, Drew left the room and started walking to the stairs. Imogen turned her head around, looking into Lucas's confused expression. They both felt a sigh of relief knowing that Frankie was still breathing.

Lucas followed Drew down the hallway, "You know it would have been nice if you told me," Lucas said, slightly bothered that he was left out of the plan.

Drew turned around to face him. "How do I know when you're going to go blabbing things to your girlfriend," Drew commented, disconnecting their eye contact and proceeding to go up the stairs.

"Do you understand what you just put her through?" Lucas asked, leaning on the wall just before the stairs started. Lucas was there to see the pain she was in, the only thing he could do was embrace her and let the torrent tears soak into his shirt.

"See! This is why I didn't tell you because you would have never been able to go along with it. Don't get me wrong Lucas, I don't mind being the bad guy. I'll make all the tough decisions while you're too busy worried about collateral damage," Drew said, fixating on Lucas who just tilted his head. "I'll even let her hate me if she wants," Drew stated, beginning to go up the stairs.

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