A Penny From the Wishing Well by wearesearchlights
A Penny From the Wishing Wellby 🎵🦄🍩Nuninuna🍩🐴🎼
12 year old Robyn is forced to live on the streets, bouncing from house to house, shelter to shelter with her 18 year old brother, Kameron. Every day, she goes to the lo...
  • 12
  • fantasy
  • homeless
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The wonderful journey by r3ddemon
The wonderful journeyby Loverboy
Two boys are regular old high school students and when they boys are sent on A WONDERFUL JOURNEY and the have to rely on each other but the to boys find them selfs in a...
  • highschool
  • magic
  • love
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The First Twins by Unpaid_Jesus
The First Twinsby Iuri Rafael
This is my first story. The first twins is a fiction story about the first twins to exist and what people did when they saw what was born in their village. As they had n...
  • magic
  • darkages
  • first
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The Magic Inside Of Me | Dark Magic by deci_sions
The Magic Inside Of Me | Dark Magicby zach | deci_sions
Zach is an average teenager living in a small town. He was just a regular person, doing things that everybody would do. He didn't consider himself special. He was just �...
  • uh
  • sions
  • deci
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World Peace by horse_lover1413
World Peaceby horse_lover1413
Writing Prompt: "The genie had warned him that world peace was a bad choice for his third wish." I got this writing prompt online at: https://visualwritingpro...
  • fantasy
  • magic
  • worldpeace
Imaginer world! by Jenniefer_writes
Imaginer world!by Jenniefer_writes
Hi,Friends enjoy my this story Imaginer world!Hope you will like my story vote this story and give some comments!
  • anime
  • magic
  • romance
Weak Links: The Many Deaths of the Company of the Chain by DorianRaker
Weak Links: The Many Deaths of DorianRaker
Lost causes, fighting retreats, victories won through blood and guile, all have their place in the Archive of the Company of the Chain. Brothers of the mercenary band ha...
  • warfare
  • grim
  • knight
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overprotective dad by shipit123
overprotective dadby ☆~Moonboy~☆
This is a book from when Ren and Rin adopt a child and Ren gets very overprotective so don't touch his daughter!
  • overprotective
  • angles
  • magic
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Metamorphosis|| « H2O Just Add Water » by KittyKeri_613
Metamorphosis|| « H2O Just Add Kitty
"You have a fish tail, what the heck!" "Oh really, I had no idea!" In which four girls live their lives keeping a huge secret from the world. How h...
  • mako
  • adventure
  • island
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Arzinte: Rift of Light and Dark by AmuTheEmu
Arzinte: Rift of Light and Darkby AmuTheEmu
Teo and Alice meet by chance and join together to fight against light and save Alice's mother. Teo is the son of the great gods Chronos and Terra. Alice is the daughter...
  • greekmythology
  • lightanddark
  • wolfpack
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She's Not Afraid || natsu x reader by aestfairy
She's Not Afraid || natsu x readerby oh hey™
[ STARTS AT EDOLAS ARC ] [ TENROU ISLAND ] [ MIDDLE : GRAND MAGIC GAMES ] [ ENDS AT TARTAROS ARC ] (Y/N) is not afraid of a lot of things. She can handle insects, gia...
  • natsuxreader
  • powers
  • magic
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everyone thinks they know me but they don't just because I'm Harry Potter sister they have me all figured out right no not right at all not like him at all at all I mean...
  • dracomalfoy
  • bestfriends
  • magic
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Outcasts of Worlds by Koltonutty
Outcasts of Worldsby Koltonutty
A story of two brothers who are taken to another world, but one is not so happy to be somewhere that magic makes anything possible, and the pair begin to be estranged. T...
  • fantasy
  • estrangement
  • brothers
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Harry Potter and the philosophers stone  by elatuna15
Harry Potter and the elatuna15
You are a muggle born girl that never knew about wizards, you leave a pretty normal life in till your eleventh birthday when a latter comes... what happens Will being...
  • dracomalfoy
  • ronweasley
  • lilypotter
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litle magical girl by monawira04
litle magical girlby monawira04
  • anaksekolah
  • magicdanduanianyata
  • magicgirl
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Twisted plot by ItzYaGirlPotato
Twisted plotby InTheUpsideDownPlayingQuiddit...
When a young growing healthy girl named Rose takes a peak behind a door that should have been securely locked and sealed away and certainly not seen by the public eye.
  • harrypotter
  • fanfic
  • magic
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Szkolne życie czarodzieja Alexa by HrabiaAlex
Szkolne życie czarodzieja Alexaby Hrabia Alex
Lord Voldemort zostaje pokonany, a na świat przychodzi niewinne dziecko będące wnukiem potężnej czarodziejki. Ona wraz córką, która nie posiada magicznych zdolnośći, uzg...
  • magic
  • harry
  • sztuka
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Ninjas and Tales by Rightfulcutsiepie
Ninjas and Talesby Saray HarrisWilliams
THIS my friends will be a story about my two favorite fandoms. I hope that you will all love it. I am only doing this for fun and because it came to mind out of the blue...
  • tmntxreader
  • adventure
  • raphael
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Amare by HuhIGet
Amareby Sand Cat
Uri isn't built for spell-casting or magic in general. She's cocky, forgetful, and clumsy. She's dead-set on learning Latin despite those facts... And she's dead-set on...
  • gay
  • magic
  • latin
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7 keys by tanklin123
7 keysby Arianna
A girl named sky find 7 keys and she will have to find a way to get them in the right place if she doesn't who knows what will happen
  • magickey
  • key
  • magic
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