Break up

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It felt like it's been years, trapped inside this confided room. The days have been getting longer and lonelier. Parker hasn't awoken since being brutally assaulted by my father. Occasionally. my father turned on the lamp in the room, letting us receive some light. I checked on Parker, noticing his chest rising up and down, meaning he must this be alive.  


At this point, I'm malnutrition since I keep refusing to eat. My father would try to force it down my throat but I would spit it in his face causing more scars on my body. Eventually, he stopped giving me food and would visit to make sure we both we alive. My entire body ached, especially my leg that luckily hasn't gotten affected.  

Why does my father have to be like this? Even my mother, how could she leave us here to suffer? She must have known our father was insane and unreliable. Parker and I didn't do anything wrong to deserve this.

"Ah fuck," My father groaned, opening the door and proceeding to bang Parker's body with it. "When is this dumbass waking up? It's been days!" He rolled his eyes and pushed his body to the corner of the room. 

He flickered the lamp switch on and walked over to me. Suddenly, I felt him untieing the belts around my legs and following up to my arms. There were marks of belt around my wrists and ankles. I rubbed my raw wrists, and struggled to feel any movement in my legs.

"Why are you untieing me?" I asked.

"Drew keeps spamming your phone. I've set up a date with him today and you have to break up with him," He informed, causing my eyes to widen. 

This couldn't have happened in a worse time. The lost of our daughter was still fresh in hearts, we need time to process it before deciding about our relationship. I'm certainly not in the right state of mind to lose someone else. 

"What happens if I refuse to break up with him," I said. 

He turned to me and connected his hand to my cheek leaving me another mark. I whimpered, reaching up to rub my sore cheek. At least it didn't involve the knife this time. I'll take getting slapped over stabbed anyday.

"Unless you want more of that than I suggest you listen to me," he threatened, placing different objects in his pocket from the toolbox settled on the floor. My eyes went against me and started filling up with tears. I held them back not wanting to look weak in front of him. 

"The date is in an hour. We will head out in twenty," He said, uncuffing his button sleeve and moving down to his elbow. He walked out of the room for a moment and came back, hurling a pair of clothes at me.  

"Fra-n-ki-e? Are you okay?" his voice croaked.

My eyes wandered to the corner of the room, noticing Parker trying to lift himself up with the little strength he had. I crawled over since my legs were still numb from the lack of walking. Using my hand to drag myself over towards him. I examined his face, flinch at the sight of dried blood on his lips and nose.

"Why are you asking about me? You haven't woken up in days," I said, brushing his ingrown hair out from his face. 

"Who cares about me," he shooed my hand away. "Frankie, you actually have a chance of a future. You need to get out of here, alive!" 

The last word hit me like a pile of bricks. Never realized I could possibly die in here. My father wouldn't go to the lengths to murder us, right?

"Parker, you have a future too. We both need to escape together and get Dad away from us. Parker you're the only family I need in my life," I said, licking my finger and used the mostuire to wipe away the dried blood.

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