You're not him

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"Drew, you should just go," I said, fearing what could come from this.

I knew he wouldn't listen, but I had to try. 

 "I'll leave when you come with me," he answered, staring sternly at my father.

"She's not going anyway," my father interrupted, digging his nails into my wrist causing me to whimper. "Don't bother trying anything unless you want to end up dead." my father threatened. 

"No, I won't because I already alerted the police," Drew smirked, presenting his phone towards us with the phone call. 

My father tightened his grip even harder and dragged my body upward before banging it against the car. "How dare you test me," He dashed towards Drew, yanking his arm back and slammed it across his face. Drew tumbled to the ground and my father jumped on top of him. Continuously smacking his fist against his face, causing blood to gush out.  

My body was most likely forming a bruise later but I had other things on my mind. I rushed towards his phone that fell from his hold and shouted. "I need help! " 

"Where are you located? " the operator on the other line responded.

"Starbucks at Jade Boulevard," I accidently shouted. "Please hurry!" I said, dropping the phone on the floor. I glanced over back at Drew getting plundered by my father and hoist myself up.

I used all the strength I had to drag my father off from him but he wasn't budging. "Dad please stop hurting him!" 

My father brought a fist to the Drew's face, fracturing his nose. Drew tried using his arms to block the punches continuously coming from my father. Drew balled his fist colliding with my father's cheekbone, flaying his neck upward like a willow caught in the wind.  

"Dad leave him alone," I shouted, cranking my hand back and smacking him across the face. His hand reached to rub his cheek than turned into a fist in seconds. 

"You're going to regret that," he sneered, grabbing onto my shoulder and getting ready to smack me.

"Get your hands off her!" the police shouted. "Don't make me take out my gun."

My father groaned, slowly removing his hands off of me and raised them in the air. He crossed them behind his head and started walking backwards towards the police. The female police officer grabbed his hand and dragged them down. She pulled the handcuff from her belt and place them on his hands.

Along with the police officers was a group of EMT and they rushed over to help Drew who was moaning on the ground. Another police officer strolled towards my direction with a notepad in his hand.

"Can you inform us about the situation?" the officer asked.  

"For weeks my father has been abusing my brother and I. He made me meet up with my boyfriend and forced me to end our relationship so no one would suspect him. My boyfriend didn't believe any of it and came looking for me and saw my father slap me," I explained as he wrote everything down.

"Okay, thank you I know it must have been hard to talk about. We going to try to build a case against your father but for now you will have to be placed in another household," he clarified.

Is the torture really over? I'm not sure of anyone who could take care of me. My mother is off in God knows where and I don't want to move away from Imogen. Maybe I have enough money in the bank to buy myself my own apartment. But what about Parker? He wouldn't be able to live with me.

"Do you know anyone that can take care of you?" He asked, gazing up from his notepad.

"Umm I don't mean to interrupt but my younger sister is her best friend. Is everything okay?" Rebel asked, awkwardly walking closer with a coffee cup in his hand.

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