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Graveyard Watchman (Book 1) by LeslieFear
Graveyard Watchman (Book 1)by Author Leslie Fear
**Former Wattpad Featured Story** He lifted his eyes to me and I was instantly captivated. He was sheer beauty in his black, hooded cloak. Was he real or just my imagina...
  • drama
  • badboy
  • fantasy
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Unpredictable(Calum Hood) by calum_bigcheeks
Unpredictable(Calum Hood)by ❤️
We all have that person that change our life right? And that person who make us feel special well that person for me was Calum Hood.
  • lukehemmings
  • romance
  • onedirection
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BAD GIRLS by _tia_bb
*crash* I turn beside me to see what's happening and it's just a guy and a girl making out way to intensely. I roll my eyes at them "classy.." I sarcastically...
  • badgirl
  • friendship
  • boynextdoor
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The Last Natblida  by Finnlard_Schnapple
The Last Natblida by
They all have a story but what about the story about a Natblida born on the ark, the 101 person that was also in the dropship. Natblida; nightblood, person with black b...
  • wattys2018
  • unpredictable
  • action-adventure
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The Cold Princess Bitch by BlueHeartedGirl16
The Cold Princess Bitchby Blue
A princess, a bitch, but cold as winter. Without a doubt, she can do anything. She rules and you stay low. Looks, wealth and power. She had it all. But, fate must have...
  • teenfiction
  • messedup
  • cold
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Fickle by Toniewan
Fickleby Antonia Crowder
It's never what you think.
  • teen
  • blackgirl
  • wattys2015
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How It Go (Editing) by BITCHIMDANK
How It Go (Editing)by BITCHIMDANK
Thugs, Love, Ghetto, Hood, & Unpredictable Read To Find Out More
  • romance
  • thugs
  • love
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Lost Without YUZHOU by Crazzyjxk
Lost Without YUZHOUby 《 QUEEN 》
We hated each other... We tried to kill each other... The reason behind it was a Small Sand castle... A Broken promise we forgot... The nickname we can't remember... Tha...
  • unpredictable
  • mystery
  • weizhou
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Being Enthralling by Geetika_
Being Enthrallingby Geetika Satpathy
"Using a Mac Highlighter won't make your black heart shine but your cheekbones! You ungrateful narcissist blood sucking snake" "I know you're angry at th...
  • humor
  • teenfiction
  • shortchapters
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Married to my fiance's brother? 《Completed》 by AzhariMoina
Married to my fiance's brother? 《C...by Moina LetterBound Azhari
She's been engaged to him since... for ever.... then..... her life turns upside down.... she was fatherless.... then she had a step father... then she was attacked... th...
  • spiritual
  • fiances
  • brother
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Snowflake Memories by Jassmxnee_
Snowflake Memoriesby Jasmine 🧸
This story is all over the place, let's be honest. It's the first book that I have written. There are some things I can say, though. There's a lot of action and I'm prou...
  • fantasy
  • friends
  • fighting
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𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐛𝐥𝐞 | 𝐛𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐯 by hamidswlrd
𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐛𝐥𝐞 | 𝐛𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐯by ✎
two teenagers, powerful feelings, one world. © hamidswrld 2019
  • mystery
  • fanfiction
  • alexguzman
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It Starts With Clumsy by deadlyangel28
It Starts With Clumsyby Primrose
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> (Hey guys, I thought that I shou...
  • chicklit
  • possessive
  • badgirl
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Destined To Be by colonnicole
Destined To Beby ❤️
Opposing species tend not to like each other, some say it's just pure instinct not to, others say it's nature way of dividing us up. Because not everyone can fit into on...
  • witches
  • mate
  • dark
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·all souls day· by 100sunsmylovetopic
·all souls day·by Mao
" do you trust me. " " not the slightest bit. "
  • thechillingadevnturesofsabrina
  • chilling
  • unpredictable
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Such Perfect Patterns by HerroGreen
Such Perfect Patternsby mehmehmeh_11
The sun rises, the moon sets. The end of nighttime, the beginning of a new start. Normal Patterns, we say. But.....can it change?
  • expectations
  • perfectlyimperfect
  • unpredictable
Undaunted by ms_taluks
Undauntedby Saliha Hamza Abdullahi
This is the book three of the Unpredictable series. #1-Unpredictable. #2-Unrequited. And now #3-Undaunted. Life takes a great turn for everyone. Muhammad could...
  • marriage
  • life
  • halaal
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Changing Pace  by JesseCharley94
Changing Pace by Jesse
She's stuck in the same routine in her last year of school. School, college applications, work and trying to fit time in for a social life. Then one night at a party, a...
  • teen
  • sadness
  • fiction
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Unpredictable by PrincessDyam_
Unpredictableby PrincessDyam_
Decision-making is a part of our lives. Mhirge Zephaniah Torrecampo can't decide by her own. She always asks someone - from her family or her friends kung tama ba ang de...
  • decision
  • taglish
  • readplease
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Unrequited [COMPLETED] by ms_taluks
Unrequited [COMPLETED]by Saliha Hamza Abdullahi
This is the Book 2 of Unpredictable. The story of Salmah and Muhammad. In this book we will the witness the great journey of Muhammad and Salma and how they conq...
  • resentment
  • allah
  • islamiclovestory
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