She's a witch?

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"Lucas, I'm going with you, whether you like or not," I demanded. A few days ago, Lucas mentioned Carter's concern with Imogen's mother. I've been trying to talk him into talking to Robert about it but he's been persistent on not going. Until today but he thought he could leave without me.

"Robert will not like that you're going. You're not even part of the families," Lucas said.

"Fuck that, we can deal with him later," I said, tugging on the door, waiting for him to unlock it. 

"Okay," Lucas answered, unlocking the car.


I followed Lucas into the house, kindly greeting the maids around the house. The last time I was here, I was Imogen's date and the entire living room was decorated. I walked up the stairs, admiring the design of it. I followed pretty boy into the book decorated room. There are probably over 5000 books in here, I doubt they would notice if I took one.

"Hi, Robert," Lucas said as I was admiring all the books.

"Hey, you wanted to talk to me about Imogen right?"Robert questioned.


"What is he doing here," I looked up to see Robert pointing at me.

"He insisted on coming," Lucas explained.

"Anything involving Imogen concerns me," I answered.

"This is only for special families, I won't allow you to risk yourself," Robert said.

"I don't need your permission, I'm going to do whatever I can to help Imogen," I insisted. I don't need his approval, it's a free country and I'm willing to do anything to protect Imi. I can't just sit down and watch her fighting "the Taisla" on her own. 

"We can't be liable for you getting hurt," Robert said. "But I can see you just want Imogen to be safe."  

"I won't do anything," I said, doing a cross sign acrossed my chest.

"Should we get this meeting going," Robert said, sitting down at this wooden table.

"Carter, go ahead and tell him. What you told me," Lucas commented, pointing at Carter.

"Well, during our high school years, Anatasia forced me to go out with her to a party. Holden and Ana were drunk so I had to be the adult and drive them home. During the drive home, they were both acting like children, grabbing the steering wheel causing an accident to occur. Ana was dead on the scene but later woke up," Carter informed.

"That means her mother has used up both her lives," Robert answered.

"Do you think she could be working with Taisla?" I asked, grabbing a book off from the shelf. 

"I had my suspicions since my talk with Imogen but now I'm convinced she's working against us," Robert clarified, rubbing his hands and his forehead wrinkles on full display.   

"Should we talk to Imogen about it?" Lucas asked.

"I'm not sure she would believe us but her mother already plans to hurt her," Robert said, my eyes to glared at those words.

"Is it about her mother taking away her power," Lucas asked, biting his lip. 

"Yes, if she manages to take her power, Imogen will die," Robert spilled, feeling the tension in the room change. 

"If she dies, I won't be able to get my full powers back," Carter complained as I imagined myself beating him up.

"Thank you for your concern Carter," Robert joked letting a smile crept on his lip. "I don't want to keep her safe, just to have our powers but because she's a young girl who needs guidance in the world."

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