Imogen Has To Die

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mia-carmen dedication to you!

The purple wallpaper covering this room was irritating my soul more every day that I was stuck in here. The only place I could escape to was the living room, but everyone acted so cautiously around me now. I knew they were just trying not to awake the demon inside me, but I hated being treated like a spoiled child.

I usually would sneak out during the night to avoid Rebel. I'd imagined myself finally getting the courage to confess my feelings for him, but instead, I had my ego altered by Taisla, who then went ahead and kissed him. Besides, Katherine tended to be over a lot and I was afraid to face him. Did Rebel tell her I forced one on him?

Katherine already took away my unborn child. What else could I lose? I didn't even understand how Rebel could be in love with a repulsive scum like her. He could do so much better. He deserved someone who wouldn't kill people for amusement. My thoughts were interrupted by my phone buzzing on my desk.

from -Imogen

I'm going to the Lakehouse with Lucas. I'm sorry for leaving you alone with Rebel, I know how tense things have been.

Love you xoxo


Go have some sexy time with your mans ;) Love you xoxo

Great! Damn you, Imogen! I couldn't blame her; she had so much on her plate. She deserved a day to relax and pretend that her life isn't falling to pieces. She always came in to check on me, making sure I'm eating. I knew she tried hard to act normal around me, but I could sense the wave of nerves that surrounded her when she's around me.

Abruptly, my door is pushed open. My eyes saw his black combat boots and were afraid to meet his gaze.

"Frankie!" Rebel said, snatching my phone from my hands. "Where did you find your phone? You know you aren't supposed to use it unless in fron-"

"Front of Imogen or me," I mocked him. Imogen always sneaked my phone away from Rebel. She knew I wouldn't do anything.

"Quit mocking me," Rebel sneered, searching through my unlocked phone.

"I just wanted to call my brother. I didn't know it was a crime to show interest in your family's lives," I grumbled, viciously taking the phone from his grip. I clicked on the phone icon, feeling Rebel's eyes stabbing me in the back. "Can I have some privacy?" Sassiness laced in my voice.

"How do I know you won't call my mother?" Rebel asked, leaning his back on the purple wall. I gave him the "are you kidding me" look, gesturing him to exit. "Fine, make it quick. I'm taking you to Katherine's house."

I rolled my eyes, throwing my hands up in frustration. "Why? Can I just stay here?" I asked, batting my eyelashes to attempt to look innocent and pouting my lips. Rebel playfully rolled his eyes, letting out a slight chuckle.

"No! I'll be back in 30 minutes." He glanced down at his watch. "Get ready," he said, walking out the room but dashing back to close the door.

Thank God! I always hated when Parker would enter my room and leave my door open.

I unlocked my phone, clicking on Parker's name and waiting for it to start ringing.

I was fidgeting with my pants, waiting for an answer.

"Hello," he said.

"Parkerrr!!" I squealed. "How have you been? I'm sorry I haven't called for the past few weeks. Life has been getting crazy lately," I told him.

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