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My wrist was empty.

I kept flipping my hand back and forth, waiting for a name to pop up. Why didn't I have a soulmate? I didn't want to vanish from this world; I wanted to see where I ended up in ten years. This had to be a joke, right? The thoughts that consumed my mind kept me from falling asleep. I stared at the ceiling, wondering if I would disappear at any second.

Everyone was supposed to have a soulmate; at least, that was what the council drilled into our heads. I'd never heard of anyone without one. Maybe if there was an article about what happened to someone who didn't have a soulmate on the internet, I would have felt better. 

Now, how in the hell am I going to figure this out?  

I didn't know whether to panic or to be relieved. I mean, I got my wish to not have to marry some random stranger. But that still meant I wanted a soulmate, without one, I felt like nothing like pure dust that roamed through the air. 

I felt the glistening light peek through my crystal blue drapes. I kept trying to shield my eyes from the light, but it didn't work. Eventually, my alarm forced me up, and I shuffled into the bathroom, seeing my eyes red from exhaustion.

After drying my hair, I forced out any knots that were there. I put them into cute space buns with some hair strands sticking out. Unlike yesterday, there was no aroma of a delicious breakfast that awaited me. Instead, there was nothing, just like every other day. Typical.

"I need to go food shopping," I mumbled to myself.

I grabbed a yogurt and got my backpack. We had a shoe case right by the door, which could be messy sometimes. I looked at the selection and picked the black combat boots. Before I stepped out the door, I looked down on my wrist, still seeing nothing.

The morning sun was covered by clouds. I tried to walk faster since the clouds seemed to be gloomy. I felt the dampness in the air, along with the fresh smell. Halfway there, the rain started pouring rapidly. Puddles formed everywhere, dirt turning to slush that stained my shoes.

Maybe I should have taken the time to check the weather forecast this morning, I stared at the puddle, wondering if I'd see my reflection. But I didn't look, as I didn't want to see it. Who was that girl anyway? A soulmateless person?

The school was a few yards away from me and to keep myself from getting soaked, I started running. As I was trying to open the door with my yogurt and bag in my hand, one idiot bumped into me and made me drop my things. Getting hit with the door caused my head to ache with pain.

"Hey!" I yelled, rubbing the bump forming on my forehead.

"I'm sorry," a soft voice apologized.

"Make sure to watch yourself next time." I looked up to see a pair of beautiful blue eyes that were the color of the Mediterranean sea. His eyes could easily blend in with every shade in the sky. They were hypnotizing.

"I'm Lucas," he said, reaching for my books that had landed in the puddles.

I didn't recognize his face, but I felt like I had seen it before. His chiseled jaw, catching my attention and taking my breath away.

"Ohh. . ."

"And you are?" His face turned into a cheeky smile.

I flushed as waves of heat flowed up my throat and cheeks. "Oh, I'm Imogen." A nervous giggle escaped my lips.

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