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"You were raped? Why didn't you tell me?" I gasped, feeling my heart sunk down to my abdomen. 

Who would have done this to her? I have to find this man and make him pay for what he has done to her. Why didn't she ever tell me? Would I have told anyone if it happened to me? Did she tell Drew, and that's why they became so close? Why would she tell him over me? 

"I was afraid," she blurted as her voice became choked up. "I was. . .ashamed," she sobbed, cleaning the snot running down her nose with her sleeve.

"We have to tell the police! There's no way that man is going to get away with doing this to you," I said.

"No! I don't want to. . . I don't want anyone knowing about this," She uttered as her the tips of her fingers fidgeted.   

If I were in her shoes, I would go to the law enforcement right away. However, not everyone thinks the way I do and if Frankie doesn't feel comfortable, I shouldn't force her. Maybe she just wanted to forget what happened and move on with her life. Either way if she ever changed her mind; I'll be here.

"Frankie are you sure about this? He took something sacred from you," I said, kneeling down and taking her hands into mine. 

"Yeah, I'm sure. Please just drop it. Okay?" she stated, boring deep into my eyes.

"Okay," I whispered in defeat. "Should I pull it out?" I asked waiting for her approval. 

She sent a headnod of approal and my fingers gripped the knife, pulling it out quickly. Frankie trembled from the removal, letting a few screeches escape her lips. Thankfully, blood doesn't make me squeamish. My eyes scanned around the room in search of anything to use to help the blood from oozooing out. 


 The sudden call of my name caused my body to jerk up and latching onto Frankie's arm. Footsteps came down from the wooden stairs, every step clicking with the heels. A bright light beamed on us causing me to shield my eyes with my palm. Katherine stood there, using one hand to wave the light on us and the other placed on her hips. 

"Yeah?" I faltered answered, slowly standing up. 

"Come with me," She said, grabbing my arm before I could object. The knife fell from my hand as she forcefully dragged me up the stairs. 


How am I going to help her?

"What do you want with me now?" I whined feeling my arm starting to arch from her tight grip.

"You need to eat don't you?" she said, raised her eyebrows and glaring at me.

"How do I know that you didn't poison it?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at the crimson haired woman.

"I don't cook. I have servants for that," She giggled, flipping her hair off her shoulders.

"And that would stop you?" I sassily asked, taking a seat oppsite of her at the table. 

"I can't really kill you right now. If I did you would just come back to life," she rolled her eyes. "I would be hunted and not only from your boyfriends."

Hunted? By whom? Who else is searching for me? Why is everyone searching for me? Is it because of my power or there something deeper to figure out? Moments like this made me wish I would be normal girl like before.

"First of all, I only have one boyfriend. Also why would they hunt you if they want me dead?" I pondered, tapping my fingers on my cheek.

"I admire your relationship with Lucas, it's pure. Drew is the typical bad boy which to be fair I thought you would be into but he will never listen to you like Lucas does. Drew will never be like Lucas," she concluded. 

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