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"Hello, Father," I bit my bottom lip, waiting to see what he wanted. 

The last time we spoke, I was pulling him off Parker right before he slapped me across the face. Being scared was an understatement. Thousands of emotions ran through my veins and I couldn't focus on just one. My hand hovered over the hospital controller; if my father tried anything I could have the nurses rush in here. 

"I'm dearly sorry for your loss, but darling, this was the best for my campaign and yourself," My father snickered, showing no remorse in his voice. Parker narrowed his eyes towards my father, his fist clenching beside him. 

"Can you ever you know not be a dick?" Parker scolded, rolling his eyes. 

As I glanced towards Parker, I noticed his eye and lip were bruised. My father must have been releasing his anger continuously on my brother. Honestly, it made sense why my brother was so fucked up. With a family like our; we be lucky if we make it out alive without alcohol or pills addiction. His eye was sore enough that I doubt he could see anything. 

This is when the soulmate system failed me. It gave me a father that cared more about fame than his own children. While my own soulmate was head over heels for my best friend. Aren't I so lucky?   

"Shut up, Parker," My father yanked him by his shirt and viciously slapped him. 

Parker's hand went up to his jaw, rubbing it. Immediately, I gasped, jolting from the bed and rushing towards my brother. Even in public my father can't hide his resentment for us. Seriously how does his publicists keep him in check and not have him exposed yet?    

"Why would you do that?!" I asked, scolding my father and turning back to view my brother's cheek. 

Parker didn't react at all; like it was normal for this to happen. Subconsciously my body started trembling, fearing what my father could attempt next. Would he try to hurt me again?  Since my younger years, I've been the little princess in my father's eyes. He never expressed his love for me but watching the nights he smacked my brother around made me think that's how he expressed love. By never lying a hand on me.

Until that dinner.

"Frankie, it's okay I'm used to it. . ." Parker answered. 

How my heart broke into pieces when he spoke the truth. This has been happening for years. My brother being attacked countless times by doing the bare minimum. Memories of when my brother would come home with notes asking where all the bruises were coming from. The excuses was how energetic my brother was.

"You shouldn't be. No one should be," I answered, gripping onto my brother's arm.

"Onto other matters, I'm here to sign you out," My father said.

My heart started racing uncontrollably, and all I wanted to do was curl up into a ball and wait for someone to save us. "No, I'm not going home with you," I shakily said. 

"Very funny," my father snickered. "You think it was a question. No, it's a command," he sneered, roughly grasping my arm and digging his nails into them.

"I said no!" I stated, making sure confidence flow out even though everything inside of me wanted to hide. 

His hand cracked across my face, snapping it back with the force of his blow and causing my head to reel sickeningly as it slammed into the white walls behind me. It had been open-handed smack and it had left a red welt behind. Just below my eye, I felt a sting causing my hand to glide against it. There was small cut where his wedding ring had caught me.

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