Together again

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I bolted the front door, stumbling over the shoes that were placed in front of the door. I pushed my hair out from my face and kicked the shoes off to the side. My mother would always complain if I left shoes by the door, but now she's the one doing it. I guess they didn't lie when they say you become your mother when you grow up.

"Mom are you home," I shouted, the living room was cluttered with dirty dishes and clothes. I grabbed all the dishes left on the table, balancing them on my hands, and bringing them to the sink. I felt some half-eaten food get on my finger, causing me to quickly open the faucet and wash my hands.

"That's disguising," I cringed, holding the urge to throw up.

"Mom? Rebel?" I stood in the kitchen waiting for a response.

"Honey is that you," I heard my mother's voice echo through the house.

"Yeah! Are you hungry? I can cook something up," I asked.

God knows I'm freaking starving, I really wished I was able to eat my spaghetti during lunch.

"Yes, that would be wonderful, Rebel left to work an hour ago," my mom answered as she walked down the creaking wooden stairs.

"I saw those letters from the school, You're failing," she scolded, her face covered in disappointment.

"It's kind of hard to focus on school when you're getting kidnapped every few days," I joked, filling up a large saucepan with water. After filling up the enormous pot, I placed it on top of the stove.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," my mom brushed off "What are you making?"

"Ramen," I bright smiled appeared on my face, shaking the ramen packet in front of her. Ramen can cure my craving for the pasta I lost today. "Mom, I wanted to ask you something ever since the night of the ball."

"Well, are you going to ask or just stay quiet?"

"What happened that day," I paused for two seconds looking deep into her confused brown eyes, "You know the day I found you dead."

"Oh, why are you making it all awkward," she stated, releasing a laugh from her lips. Maybe because you died but came back to life. Seems like a sensitive topic. "I just remembered sleeping upstairs when suddenly hearing the door open. I assumed it was you so I started calling your name but you didn't respond. I heard the steps creaking, and I debated over locking the door. I decided to be better safe than sorry, but I was too late and a tall man entered the room. I don't remember much after that," she explained.

"Why do you think he came here," I asked, stirring the ramen in the boiling pot of water.

"For you, since you're the chosen one," she answered. I furrow my brows, I never told her I was...

"How do you know that," I questioned?

"I know my daughter, besides that dream you had a few weeks ago, was because of me. I plant that dream to let you know I was coming," she admitted, "It couldn't be Rebel, he doesn't have the strength you have."

"If you plant that dream in my head then why did you change it to a nightmare?"

"I only get a certain amount of control of the dreams. I'm glad he killed me or he would have gone after you," she commented.

"It's not good no matter what scenario, I needed you, mom, you left me in the dark about our family, alone and afraid at sixteen," I ranted, turning the stove off for the soup to cool off a bit.

"I'm sorry, I should have told you about our descendants, I figured I would have more time," she stated.

"What would happen if Rebel never found me? Huh? I would have probably been dead if it wasn't for him and you're degrading him by saying he isn't strong enough. He's the strongest person I know," I spat.

"You're right, I should have mentioned your sibling too," her words came out so nonchalant. It just boiled my blood, watching her all calm like it all didn't matter.

"When you came back to life...." I sighed "Why didn't you come back here?"

"The man was at my grave, waiting for me to wake up and once I did I was instantly captured," she answered.

"Now, I have new responsibilities to worry about," I let out a frustrated sign while pouring ramen into a bowl for my mother.

"I know I haven't been a perfect mother but I would do anything to protect you, you know that right," she spoke looking into my deep brown eyes, caressing my cheek.

"I know you would," I signed. "I'm sorry, this whole chosen thing is messing with my head."

Ever since the talk, I had with Robert, the thoughts just kept running. I don't know what I thought Taisla would do, but I didn't think she would have to kill me. I thought maybe she would kidnap me and suck my powers out of me. I would definitely approve of that scenario instead of being murdered.

"Why don't you give me your power," my mother suggested, stopping me in my trail of thoughts.

I furrowed my brows, looking at her calming eyes. "I can do that?"

"Yeah, I heard that it's possible when I was captured by Taslia's people," she explained.

"Is it safe?"

"If it wasn't, I wouldn't have suggested it, you're too young to have to deal with all of this, giving it to me would be the best. I can handle all of it," my mother mumbled while slurping her ramen.

"How can we do it?"

"We just have to find a witch to cast the spell on you, letting all the powers flow to me," She smiled.

Wow, a witch? I'm not even surprised they exist at this point. Anything is possible in my life these days. How can we even find one, they probably really careful exposing themselves?

"We have to do it soon, don't we? The ritual is coming closer every week," I commented.

"Yes, we can try in two weeks. It's going to take a few days to find a witch in such brief notice, especially a powerful one," she admits and I nodded, slurping my noodles into my mouth, satisfying my stomach.

Wow, I could feel the relief sink in, like I can finally breathe again. I know some people would wish for this power, but I don't want it. My life can finally be normal again, I can go back to worrying about school and what dress to wear on dates like normal girls. Why didn't Robert mention this, he seems to always know everything along with Carter?

I'm going to have to let him know about my mother's plan. It shouldn't bother them, they will have someone capable of leading them. I wouldn't be able to do that, I can't even decide what to wear to school until at least fifteen minutes. I don't why the "spirits" or whatever it is that gave me this power, what did I do to deserve this?

I refilled my bowl at least three times before giving up and started cleaning all the dishes. After I dried all the dishes, I took my phone out of my pocket. I clicked on Lucas's number and called him.

"Hey, How was cleaning the cafeteria?"

DAMN, this is a really short chapter, probably my shortest. All chapters coming up are going to be giving you clues about Taisla because it's been stated that she can be in the group. So pay extra attention.... and comment some guesses on who you think it is....

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