Time To Say Goodbye

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Third Person

Death wasn't kind.

Imogen knew that. It snatched where it could, taking people who were far too young, far too good. Many said that when you die, you would meet the Grim-Reaper holding a scythe. Others claimed you would travel to Heaven or Hell. Some say you turned into a ghost, haunting or watching over people.

However, for Imogen, neither of those options appeared to her. She never saw the pearly white gates to Heaven and never walked down the burning steps that led to hell. Instead, she was stuck in a black, endless void. There was no emotion, no heavyweight upon her shoulders, just the feeling of floating, of being a part of the stars in the sky.

Imogen awoke in another world, a world of suffering. The ceremony was being held this morning and Imogen struggled to sleep. Imogen spent most of her morning sitting and staring outside her window for hours. Her face sunken and haunted, her mind cold and barren.

Soon enough a knock landed on her door, revealing it to be Frankie and telling her to start getting ready. After her shower, the black silk fabric slipped onto her shoulders, peppering her body with soft, sensual kisses. The dress took the form of her hips, making it seem like Imogen had an hourglass figure.

Imogen sat in front of her mirror, reaching for her brush and sprinkle pink powder on her hollow cheeks. Just attempting to put makeup on made her exhausted, but she fought through it. After forming a cat-eye, she added mascara for the finishing touches.

As Imogen tied her hair into a low ponytail, her eyes kept drifting to the pictures that surrounded her mirror. Photos of Dany, Darius, and Lucas hung around the corner of the mirror. Everyone was smiling, cuddling together. Everything seemed so perfect. Imogen snatched the picture of her mother, yanking it apart and chunking it to the ground.

Rebel fixed his collared sleeve as he leaned against his sister's open bedroom door. He softly knocked on the door, interrupting Imogen in the middle of putting her earring on. "I'm almost ready," Imogen mumbled, struggling to attach the jewel on.

Traveling through the door, Rebel sighed at the sight of his sister. "Take your time," Rebel assured, gently rubbing her shoulders. His sister was heartbroken in losing the several precious people in her life. Can't even think about how knowing our mother was Taisla is making her feel. Years I spent searching for her. To only have her try to end our family for selfish reasons.

Imogen exhaled, finally getting the other earring through her earlobe. The tears brimmed her eyes the longer she stared at those pictures. "Robert wanted me to give you this," Rebel murmured, opening his hand to reveal a silver chain bracelet stuffed in a small white rectangular box.

Imogen pressed her lips together, reaching for the petite box. She latched onto the note which read, "Dany picked it out for your birthday." Wow. Imogen's birthday wasn't for months, but that didn't stop Dany from being ready. Imogen swallowed the tears threatening to drip down.

Turning out of the room, Rebel hesitated, causing him to swing back around facing Imogen again. "Imi, I'm so sorry," he uttered. "I'm so sorry that you've lost so many people."

A small smile tugged at her lips, fighting back the tears that wanted to pour out like a river. "I still have you," she whimpered. Rebel reached out and hugged her tightly, his arms as shields of love, a hug so warm.


Drew stumbled across the hall, his hand holding most of his weight on the wall. His mind felt like he was in a daze. Drew's eyes were blinded by flashing colors, causing the migraine to strike. His vision was becoming blurry, failing to notice a faint figure in front of him.

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