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"Good morning," Lucas said, in a disappointed tone, leaning on my door. He entered my room, with sadness written all over his face, and sat down next to me.

I rubbed my eyes, trying to get used to the bright light soaring through my windows. I was taking in the smell of the clean cotton and fabric softener. "What?" 

"Nothing," he shrugged, playing with the edges of my comforter.

"Lucas, tell me," I pleaded, reaching out to take his hand in mine. 

"Did you really kiss Drew?" I bite my lip, looking down. 

I wasn't really planning on mentioning it. I only did it because the boy was dying.. 

"How did you even find out?" I questioned.

"Drew called me this morning and kept saying Imogen kissed me, Imogen kissed me," he rolled his eyes.

"What a child," I scoffed and rolled my eyes. "I only did it because he was dying at the time. I know it makes no sense, but it didn't mean anything," I reassured.

"Mmm okay," he said, but there was still a frown plastered on his face.

"Hey, I only want to be with you. Don't forget that." I tried to lighten the mood, but he wasn't happy. I understand how it looks. Our first official day of being boyfriend and girlfriend, and I go kiss another guy behind his back. 

"You should start getting ready, it's getting late," he spoke, trying to force a smile on his face to reassure me.


 Lucas opened the door, waiting for me to go. After speedily putting on my shoes, we walked to one of his many families-owned cars. During the drive, my mind was flooded with thoughts. I haven't been to school in two months; it felt unnatural to go back there and I'm scared to hear what people have to say. Frankie mentioned how many rumors have been going around about me. I kept waving my hand to calm down my sweating. I guess Lucas noticed my anxiety beginning to rise and placed his hand on mine. His touch felt so comforting, but I won't have him with me all day. 

We arrived surprisingly just in time for the first period. Lucas walked me to my locker, placing a peck on my cheek causing my cheeks to burn red. He waved goodbye before walking towards his classroom. I could feel my chest becoming tight once again, struggling to take in any air. I kept trying to manage my breathing, but my anxiety was just getting worse. 

"She probably faked everything to get attention," I heard someone comment just several lockers away from mine. 

"She's just an attention whore," another spat, causing my breath to hitch.

"I heard she is dating Lucas, but is cheating on him with multiple guys," the group of girls laughed, walking down the hall. 

My eyes felt a slight sting and my lips began to quiver. My vision became blurred, eager to release the tears with every blink. But I couldn't let these idiots know that they affected me. I slammed my locker, getting ready to suck it up and go to class. 

"Imogen," I looked up to an unfamiliar group of guys. "Maybe next time you're in a coma, you should die," he put his hands out getting a high five from all his boys. I could feel the tears escaping my eyes. I dashed to the bathroom before anyone could see and locked it. My chest expanded and lowered rapidly, a result of me hyperventilating. The tears glided out of my eyes, making me look like a blubbering mess.

I went and washed the salty tears off my face. When I looked into the mirror, you could see my puffy eyes and swollen face, showing that the comments had affected me. Why is everyone talking about me? I was invisible before, but now I'm the talk of the town. I don't understand how I made people hate me this much. How did me being in a coma caused so many problems for them? I was dreaming for two months not being able to live. Now,  I want to go back to dreaming so I can escape this pain. 

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