Long Lost Brother

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Third Person

We shared our vulnerabilities more readily than trading cards, interlocking our hearts as much as our fingers. You took root in me in a way I have never let another soul do, feeling that you were my shelter and I was yours. To come so close to pure love and lose it so violently is something no medication can heal. Life has seen fit to take you too soon, my love, and my heart is broken beyond mortal repair. What beats in my chest is merely a mass of angry muscle that will function only till I can avenge her. I have to believe you are out there, my love, that there will be a next life for us, that we will fall in love all over again. It's all-

A sudden knock interrupted Robert's writing, causing his eyes to shift off from the paper and to the door. Robert roughly rubbed his forehead, feeling his entire muscles tense.

"Sorry to bother you Robert," Carter quietly entered, gradually closing the door. Carter walked in with a book in his hand and the other was shoving his glasses back up. "Everyone wants to know when the funeral is taking place."

Robert exhaled, rubbing his frustrated temples. "Not sure yet. I haven't contacted my friends yet from the graveyard."

"I also just wanted to check up on you. You haven't spoken to anyone since yesterday," Carter said, walking over to his desk. Carter's eyes gazed over his desk, which was covered in crumples notes. Only one note was placed in front of Robert, uncrumpled but saturated with slashes. "You aren't going to like end it, right?" Carter blurted out.

Robert shook his head. "No, no, I'm just mourning like everyone else."

"You know I can read your thoughts right," Carter arched one of his brows while patting Robert's shoulders. It was an invasion of privacy, but Carter couldn't contain himself. He needed to know if Robert was considering certain measures.

"And you know that's an invasion of my privacy," Robert answered, glaring towards the pale shorter man.

"Yeah, but I have to make sure everyone is okay," Carter replied, dumping his body in the beanbag next to his black desk.

"And are they?"

"Lucas and Drew are taking it hard. There thoughts keep flooding in even without me allowing them," Carter explained, opening his book, flicking over the pages.

Robert's heart was clogged up with guilt, regret, and remorse. The night before, Robert promised to Imi that he would make sure she continued on with her life. Imogen warned him about making the promise, but he insisted and — now look where it got him.

Certainly, Robert didn't expect he would lose them both to Taisla. Days without Dany were dull, and deep down Robert wasn't ready to face his inner demons. Dany was his escape. Now he's lost without her, like a balloon on a string that flown away. How was he going to be able to lead the families? If he couldn't even lead himself?


Drew has been cooped up in his room since they came back from the ritual. Once Drew closed his door, his body slid down the doorframe and it hasn't moved an inch since. Hours have passed yet no tears has sprung from his eyes. Drew's emotions swirled like ocean currents, deep and strong. Drew can't help but felt afraid to dive in his sentiments, fearing he won't make it out.

The warm ball of light filtered through his thin eyelids, causing his eyes to flutter open. Rays of brightness cast squares onto the glossy stone floor, reflecting on his face along with several other objects. Drew's hand struck out to cover his face, wanting to go back to the darkness. Drew felt his phone buzzing against his body, which forced him to pull it out.

"Shit..." Drew mumbled, skimming over the fifty texts he has gotten from his teammates. The last football game was today, but he was in no shape to attend and perform. Before he could exit his messages, a certain girl who owned his heart had sent him a message.

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