Jenny Valentine

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The short noticed of the group arriving at my house surprised me. I didn't think they figure it out that fast. We didn't have enough time to debate where to go next and keep Imogen hidden from them. My maid suggested taking us back to my family's traditional home. Our original home is gloomy and has a bizarre feeling. Maybe because we have prison where we used to lock up the people who went against us. 

I've stumbled into the prison room once and it wasn't pleasant at all. Our servants must have cleaned it by now, but the memories of all the blood. Won't ever escape my mind. I made my maid drag Imogen down to the prison and lock her up. 

My family was really excessive back in the day. I'm the last Valentine and I couldn't be any happier. Life was much simpler without my father controlling my every move. Loneliness does slip in at times, but I'm able to do whatever I want. 

To keep watch on Imogen, I turned on the cameras stationed in the prison room. I kept my gaze away from it and fixated on the microphone. I pushed the button, testing if the signal was reaching the room. 

"When can I go home?" Imogen asked a whininess apparent in her voice.

"Soon," I answered.

Honestly, I don't know what I have planned for her. Kidnapping her was the first part and it never crossed my mind what I would do after. Maybe subconsciously I wanted to reconnect with Rebel again. Seeing him caused my legs to go weak and my heart was thumping so vociferously. 

"What the hell?" Imogen groaned, the clicking of her fist echoed through the mics. 

"Don't try anything. There are over ten servants taking care of you," I explained, removing my finger from the button. I rushed down the hall, grabbing the keys that were laying in a bowl. After grabbing the keys, I unlocked my car door and sat inside. 

It's time to take my life into my own hands.

Parking my car on the driveaway in front of me. The aderaline rushed through me and I gripped the wheel harder. Just stepping on the stage made my breathing rapid and shallow. I find myself gnawing on the inside of my cheek. Soon the taste of blood filled my mouth. My stomach shifted uneasily with every step closer to the house.

Rebel's house.

 Rebel is in there, Katherine act normal. 

I remembered visiting Rebel's foster home when we first started dating. This house was an upgrade from where he lived before. His foster parents were kind of less fortunate but they managed to raise him perfectly.

I wouldn't change a thing about him.

With butterflies in my stomach, and my head buzzing with possibilities of this failing. Finally, the courage arrived and I knocked on the door. I swallowed a large gulp, tapping my foot impatiently waiting for a response.  

The last time I was this nervous was when Rebel and I had our first friendly conversation. During the attack, I was able to disregard my affections for him. Now, my feelings are making an appearance again and nothing will soothe them. 

Only talking to Rebel would.

My eyes widened when the door opened and revealed a messy haired Rebel. My heart was beating so strong I thought it would burst any second.

"Rebel," a smile sneaked it's way on my lips.

 My heart is pounding so loudly, I felt like a little girl having her first crush. 

The brown haired boy was slumped against the wall, his windswept lock matted and dull. His dark roasted bean eyes bore into mine making my legs go weak. 

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