Help Not Needed

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"Cutie, would it be okay if I lay my head on your shoulder?" I asked, adorably pouting my lip. 

"Go ahead," Lucas answered, keeping his eyes locked on the cars speeding down beside us. I laid my head on his shoulder, nuzzling closer to his neck, and closed my eyes. The heat was radiating off his skin, warming me up from the frozen AC. Subconsciously my body relaxed against his and enjoyed the vanilla and strawberries smell coming off from him.  


I awoke to soft sheets, and the morning light trickled in through the blinds. Shedding myself of the remaining glimpses of a dream, my eyes were still shut as I soaked in the warmth of my covers before letting my bronze eyes see the sun's rays. When I shifted to my side, I felt another body laying next to me.

My eyes fluttered opening, meeting with a sleeping blonde boy next to me. His hair was sticking to his face from all the sweat he had produced during his slumber. I lifted myself, stretching my arms above my head until I was satisfied. My hands wandered around my bedstand feeling for my phone. However, the screen wouldn't turn on which meant it was dead.

Did I sleep through the night? Who dropped me off in my bed? Most likely Kai since he's sleeping next to me. 

After doing my normal morning routine, I walked downstairs to my kitchen. It seemed like everyone was working, at school or literally anywhere but at home. Our granite island in the kitchen was crowded with letters from my school. Ignoring them, I continued towards the refrigerator in search of a healthy morning breakfast.

When pulling the latch open, I realized the lack of food that was in the house. Do they expect me to starve? Eventually, I settled for half-eaten box of chicken wings that tasted stale after being microwaved. To wash down the dull tasted I poured myself a glass of orange juice which barely reaching half-way. 

I grabbed one of wooden chairs and settled myself in it. Impatiently, I kept tapping my fingers on the table wishing I had something to do. Ultimately, I groaned and reached over for the thousands of letters that was littered on the counter. Most of them said the same thing, 'I regret to inform you about your daughter Imogen Blake. She's failing English with twenty-three and will have to retake the course next year.'  I ended up opening one of Frankie's school letters and it seemed like she would have to repeat a grade as well.

Well, Frankie is going to have to suffer in school alone next year since I don't have time to deal with school anymore. I'm going to use my time traveling the world and finding new victims in different countries. 

"Good morning, sweetheart," his irritating husky voice echoed through the room. 

How should I kill Kai?

"Morning," I mumbled, grabbing my juice to chung the rest down. 

"I missed you in bed, sweetheart," he said, engulfing his arms around my body, hugging me from behind. He nuzzled his face in my neck, placing butterfly kisses and upgrading to sucking. I cringed in his arms, trying to pry my neck from his lips. 

"Are you a vampire or something?" I groaned, landing a punch on his shoulder. 

"What? I wanted to show my girlfriend some love," he said, shrugging his shoulders up and down in an attempt of being funny.

Totally, forgot that I agreed to be his girlfriend. Fuck! I might as well just end it.

"If you wanted to show me some love than let's go find a new victim," I said, yawning while glancing down at my chipped nail.

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