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I was flipping through my phone in the back seat, looking at random pictures of Lucas. What can I say; I'm in love. I looked out the window, watching as the stores started disappearing and the streets turned narrower. On either side are abandoned business with boarded-up windows and weeds growing through the concrete steps. Suddenly, amidst the gray buildings, we encountered a desert.  

"How far are we?" I asked

"Shouldn't be too long," Kate answered, before placing her earbuds into her ears.


The rugged and weary walls stood surrounding me. They seemed so strong, yet so beaten from the elements. Cold air-filled every corner and warmth seemed to crawl its way in here. Darkness swallowed everything and seemed to make worries come into my mind of something unseen. Kate handed me a flashlight, and I quickly turned it on, shining the light all over the wall.

I turned around only to stumble on the jagged rocks beneath me. As I hit the ground, I felt the moist dirt hit my face, and sharp rocks pierce my skin.

"Owww," I whimpered, watching the shadow of a girl coming towards me. 

"Imogen are you okay?" Kate asked, kneeling down beside me.

"Yeah, it just really hurt," I said, looking down at my palm watching my skin regenerate.

I never get tired of seeing that

"Make sure to follow us closely," Robert spoke, waving the light towards us.

We started moving through the gloomy cave, I felt the dampness in the air. In the darkness ahead, my hand can feel the moisture seeping through what seems to be rocks on the side. I turned around because I believed I heard something behind me, only to be blinded by Sawyer's flashlight.

"How far are we going," I asked, feeling my hair on my arms start to rise. I could hear countless noises, scaring me every single time. With every joint, I could hear Sawyer laughing behind me.

"From the research, we've read that the center of the cave should have the moonstone," Sawyer informed. Moonstone? I wonder what's its purpose, I know that it's needed for the ritual, but why?  

"What's a moonstone?" I questioned. 

"It's the key to breaking the curse on us," Sawyer informed us.

"Curse on us?" I questioned, furrowing my brows.

"When we break the spell, it will release all the power that was taken from us," Kate added.

"We are more powerful than we seem," Daenerys spoke "A 1000 years ago, a witch placed a spell on our families, making our power limited. The council didn't like the idea of us being so powerful and feared we would overthrow them."

"Why would we try to overthrow them," I asked, hearing Sawyer groan behind me. 

"Sawyer, stop acting like a child! Imogen is just asking logical questions," Kate scolded, stopping in her tracks to turn around and give him a death stare.

"Back then they didn't have the technology to defeat us, so if we caused a revolt we would win but the technology has evolved greatly, they would be able to put on a good fight now," Robert informed us.

"We don't have to worry about the council, for now, our only target is Taisla," Daenerys commented.

"We have to find the moonstone before she does," Kate said, "We need the moonstone, our blood, and location where the original curse took place."

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