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Third Person

Imogen walked back along the narrow pavement surrounded by weed-covered grass. Instead of the yard being filled with blooming flowers, they were brown. No lushness or sparkling emerald found, instead there were tangled spiderwebs and overgrown weeds. Once Imogen reached the door, she used the knocker to batter on the door. Imi kept fidgeting with her foot, waiting for a response.

Suddenly, the door flung open, and Katherine emerged from the inside. "Well, well, funny to see you again," she smirked, moving to the side of the door and letting Imogen enter. Imogen clutched onto her purse and dragging her feet in the house. The walls seemed to be losing their color, having the color coat painted before appearing. "I made some hot chocolate for us. Just go straight down the hall," Katherine pointed down the cramped hall.

Imogen followed her directions, going down the hall which led to the kitchen. She made sure to come here with no one's knowledge. If she told Lucas or Drew about her idea, they would just try to back her out of it, but they wouldn't be able to change her mind this time. Imogen pulled her chair out and sat down, waiting for Katherine to join her.

Soon enough, Katherine entered the room, going straight to the stove and pouring a cup of hot chocolate for both of them. Katherine placed it in front of her and sitting in the sat across from her. The aroma coming from the hot chocolate caused Imogen's mouth to water. She knew she was going to at least enjoy the drink.

"So, you mentioned on the phone that you wanted to learn more about Taisla," Katherine broke the ice. She reached over the chair to the fridge, taking out a bottle of whipped cream. She squeezed a whip of it on top of her drink and offered it to Imogen.

Imogen grabbed the whipped cream, pouring a huge amount of it on top. "Yeah, haven't you been alive as long as Taisla has?" Imi asked, using her spoon to scoop up the whipped cream. Katherine released giggled while slurping her cocoa.

"Well, not exactly but, my sister was," Katherine admitted making Imogen's eye go wide.

"You have a sister? You never mentioned that before even when you explained how you become immortal," Imogen said, swirling the melted whipped cream into the cocoa.

Another giggle escaped from Katherine's lips. "Well, she really isn't my favorite thing to talk about," she mumbled, bringing the cup up to her lips and drinking it. "Does anyone know you here?"

Imogen shooked her head. "No, I made sure to wake up before anyone else," she answered, tapping her fingers against the table.

Katherine raised up from her chair walking over to her cabinet and reaching for a container filled with crackers. "So, where should I start," she said, relaxing back into her chair.

"Maybe with your sister," Imogen nervously giggled, taking a sip from her drink.

Katherine shoved a handful of chips into her mouth. "My sister was born in 1464," she mumbled, cleaning her fingers on the napkin. Imogen almost choked on her drink, that's insane to be alive that long she thought. "When my mother gave birth to her. She almost died from complications which scared my father. Which led to his lifelong research on how to be immortal."

Suddenly, Imi's phone started buzzing diverting her attention away from her. She looked down to see Lucas calling. She sighed, her finger hovering over the answer button, contemplating whether to acknowledge the call or not. Before the ringing could end, she pressed the accept button and brought it up to her ear.

Immediately, Lucas barbarian her with questions. "Where are you? Are you okay?"

Imogen slowly exhaled, her eyes blinking quickly. "Yeah, I'm okay. I'm just hanging out with Katherine."

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