He Did It Because He Loves You

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Third Person

Currently, Imogen was pouring orange juice in a mug and walked over to hand it gently to Lucas. Kate had finished patching up Lucas's wound, using her natural mother techniques. Lucas's wound wasn't too deep and was easily cleaned up with basic medicine. Sawyer walked over, opening a bottle of painkillers and handing them towards Lucas.

"This should help with the pain," Sawyer said, smacking Lucas's back. Lucas groaned, glancing up to scold him. Sawyer laughed and whispered, " I'm sorry."

Everyone exited the living room and continued their discussion outside in the yard. Imogen was sitting down on the floor, looking up to watch Lucas swallowing his pills. Imogen knew how Lucas's always had a problem with drinking pills but this time happened to be easier than usual.

Hope is keeping spirits high and higher each and every day until one day the hope disappears. Imogen was frustrated. The only hope she had was taken away faster than water draining down a pump. Her nerves were on edge, knowing in two days her life could finish.

Imogen hated Drew; she despised him for doing this to her. How could he completely ignore her feelings? She knew he was worried about her, but all he had to do was believe in her. For someone who claimed to love her, he failed to trust her instincts. All these thoughts brought Imogen at the brink of crying.

"How could he do that to me? Why?" Imogen sniffed.

Lucas gazed down, lingering his hands towards her neck."Hey..." Imogen tilted her head away from him, trying to hold back the tears. Lucas gently lifted her chin towards him, tenderly caressing her cheek. "We never talked about this... What this all means," Lucas said, keeping his loving gaze.

A lone tear escaped from her eye. Quickly Imogen raised her hand, whipping the tear away before it would trickle down. "It doesn't matter," she whispered, glancing down at the ground.

"Of course, it matters," Lucas lifted her chin to have her gaze meet his. "Hey, it matters." Imogen sniffled, whipping away the wetness coming from her eyes. "I want you to go somewhere with me," Lucas said, caressing her cheek.

"Lucas... I can't," Imogen sighed.

"No, No, No, it's not far. It's just for a day," Lucas said, using his other hand to make a cross on his chest. "I promise."

"But you're hurt," Imogen mentioned.

"I'll just bring painkillers, come on, please," Lucas pleaded.

Imogen licked her lips and slowly nodded her head. Maybe Lucas was right, that she needed a day away from everything, she thought.


As Imogen exited the car, a sweet surrendering scent of the moist morning dew that cascades all over the sublime forest. Imogen walked towards the forest, admiring the beautiful leaves that have grown on the trees. There was a sound of shattered glass that emphasized the branches being crushed with every step. The passive and daunting forest has the appeal of a forgotten land, which had been lost in time.

They heard birds chirping and twittering, singing a song on this breezy sunny day. The dark shadows of the voluminous trees and puzzled bushes had become the structure of the forest. The trees stood proud and tall as protectors of the exigent grounds, as the bushes had consumed the hard regions of the forests.

Imogen and Lucas walked peacefully along the beaten path, the summer colors of trees fitting perfectly with the cool air. "Where are we?" Imogen asked, gripping on the trees as she went up the trail.

"It's a surprise. Just a little bit longer," Lucas said, strolling in front of Imogen.

Taking in the beautiful nature that surrounded them. Imogen stumbled over the pebbles, grabbing onto the trunk of the tree to hold herself up. "My feet are already tired. How aren't you tired?" Imogen complained, using her hand to shield the sun from getting in her eyes.

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