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Imogen's POV

"We are meeting today to learn the basics for defending ourselves," Robert spoke "We have to be able to defend ourselves from Taisla's group. Darius and Julian will lead the session," Robert said extending his arms for them.

Robert texted us about this meeting and how important it would be to come. All the families were here dressed in their gym clothes. I was pretty excited to learn how to defend myself. I wish I learned earlier, maybe I wouldn't have been kidnapped so often. 

We were outside the building that Robert rented for our practice. The fresh cleaned grass in the yard was wide enough for all of us to move comfortably. It would also be less painful getting pushed down into grass than concrete. I was admiring the gigantic lake towards the back of the yard, the water was glistening in the sun. 

Julian had Darius being his sparring partner, showing us some simple boxing moves to try as a warm-up. Kate asked me to be her sparring partner when it was our turn to go. Since I said yes Lucas got stuck with Sawyer who loves coming up with nicknames for everyone.

"Cowboy aren't you glad you paired up with me," I heard Sawyer whisper to Lucas "I know I'm ready to knock some sense into you."    

"Daenerys come and be the first example for everyone," Darius said, motioning for her to come to him. She walked up smiling from ear to ear, looking excited to tackle him. I can't help but have a small crush on Daenerys, she's just the nicest person I met and the prettiest. Robert really got lucky with this one especially since he's much older than her.

Daenerys did every move perfectly with even more energy than Julian had. Yet with every move, she looked so elegant, I don't get how that's possible. I know when it's my turn I'm going to look like a kangaroo. I hope Kate doesn't go easy on me, I might have skinny twigs but I can put up a fight.

"Give a round of applause for Dany," Darius said, as Daenerys started bowing down in front of us. "Okay everyone, get paired up and we come over to make sure everything is right."

"Can I do the punching first?" I asked Kate.


Oh, how I was winded from all the lessons we learned today. The number of times I had to repeat my turn during boxing was uncountable. I guess I didn't pay enough attention to the moves we had to do just the punching. Thank god, they didn't put me on the spot since everyone was busy with their own practice.

After the boxing lesson was self-defense, Darius used Julian to demonstrate easy moves to use when being attacked. I hope I won't have to be in a situation to use them but at the rate, I probably will. Kate and I were able to get the moves down pat, even tried showing her daughter for entertainment.  

Sawyer ended up making his son cry when he was teaching him some moves. Lucas tried to calm him down but the boy was just over the whole thing. Kate then had a whole screaming rant about not making fun of the children since they are fragile but Sawyer didn't pay attention at all.   

It's been a couple of hours now of our practice and Julian finally announced it was break time. Robert had the servers cooking while we were practicing and were now just bringing out all the food they prepared. My mouth watered when eyeing the freshly made pasta coming out and huge meatballs on top. 

After they placed all the food down, I rushed up to be the first person to get food. This workout made my stomach use up all its energy and I was ready to consume all my carbs back. Everyone else formed a line behind me, getting ready to grab some pasta. 

I watched Robert enter the house after grabbing some pasta. I figured today would be the best time to tell him about the crescent half-moon on my foot. I have had time to digest that I'm the chosen one and have to carry the burden of what's coming.

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