Back to school

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We left about an hour after my discussion with Rebel. Rebel decided to make Drew in charge of providing directions while Lucas and I snoozed in the back. At first, we were watching Netflix, but my eyes kept shutting on me. Rebel dropped Drew off before arriving at our house. Lucas planned to sleepover which was absolutely fine with me.


"Let's cuddle," I said.

"Of course," he kissed me, pulling away to take his shirt off. He was hunting through his bag for a fresh shirt. Seeing his bare skin caused my face to turn a rosy pink. I can't help but imagine dirty situations in my head, causing me to bite my lips. Gladly, he didn't notice I was gawking at him and covered himself up.

I went to my bathroom that's connected to my room and changed into my pajamas. I brushed my hair in a messy bun, after finishing my ten-step skincare routine. When I was about to brush my teeth, Lucas came in and started throwing water on me. By the end of the fight, I ended up with toothpaste behind my ear, and Lucas had toothpaste all over his face.

After cleaning ourselves up we went to lay in bed. We decided to watch "Gossip Girl" until we drifted it off into the darkness.


"Imogen!! You're late!" Rebel shouted. 

Gently I lifted myself up from Lucas's grip. I rubbed my eyes seeing many shapes forming in the darkness. My eyes fluttered open to the radiant sun already burning them. I looked down at my clock that didn't ring.  

"7:45," my eyes went wide, "Shitt.." I grabbed my pillow and chucked it at Lucas, causing a groan to escape from his lips. 

 "Lucas wake up," I said, grabbing my other pillow and smacked him.

"Oh, I'm getting you back," I heard Lucas say grabbing a hold of my waist. 

He pulled my body into his and I didn't want to pull us apart. I lifted myself from his grip and pinned him to the bed. I straddled his lap, teasing him with his kisses on his neck and chest while my fingers were searching for a pillow. Finally, my hands gripped a pillow and started smacking him with it as he blocked every shot. He pulled the pillow from my grasp, proceeding to attack me with it. 

He flipped my body under his, placing kisses all up and down my neck. He attached his lips to my neck sucking it. I had to clasp my hands over my mouth to catch the moan that escaped my lips instead of words. 

A knock on the door startled me. "Wake up!" Rebel said. Lucas removed his lips from my neck, glancing up at me with his dark, lustful eyes. Oh, how badly I wanted to miss school today. He nuzzled his face into my neck letting out his laughter. I started laughing, feeling my face become warm. Let's just pray Rebel didn't hear what happened in here.

"Are you ready for school?" Lucas asked, rubbing my back. 

"I just hope no one bothers me," I sighed, raising myself from the bed. I stretched my arms above my head. Grabbing a towel from my hanger and walked into the bathroom.


After my shower, I brushed my hair, styling it half up and down. I added some light make to my features, I'm already late so I'm not rushing at this point. I unlocked the bathroom door, walking back to see Lucas changing into his shirt leaving his Calvin Klein underwear for display. My body's first reaction was to bite my bottom lip and glancing down at his lower torso.  

Why do I have to go to school?

"What are you thinking about?" He smirked. I felt caught in the moment feeling my cheeks become vivid red. 

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