Come and Find me!

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I recently started seeing a therapist since Drew's mother thought I should talk about my family problems with someone. My therapist said it's satisfying to write your thoughts down in a journal. So I decided to give it a shot. I will be the only one reading anyway unless I become famous and they want to publish this book. 

Dear Journal

It's been a few months since I have spoken to my parents. After I decided to stay over Drew's house, I realized I have no clothes. Parker texted me to let me know he was okay and that if I need anything he would be there. My brother is the only genuine family I have left and I just hope my parents aren't torturing him. 

We could finally know the sex of the baby. I debated if I wanted to know or I wanted it to be a surprise, but my curiosity got the best of me. Our little baby is going to be a girl, Drew suggested Stephanie to be her name. He said that it was his grandmother's name, and he really loved her.  I have been forcing him to read books about becoming a father and I've been doing the same. He's been really supportive and caring lately, sometimes I even think he's in love with me for a moment but I know where his genuine feelings lie. I think I'm starting to get attached to him. But I will blame our baby girl for that.

School. Every time I go back, it feels so unnatural, like I don't belong there anymore. I feel like a lost child in a candy store. Even when I go, I don't pay attention or leave during the day. I try to go on exam days, but it just leads to failing grades. The only time I had to talk to Imogen was during lunch. I don't think she noticed I gained weight, but even if she did, she wouldn't comment on it. She knows I'm sensitive.   

"Frankie honey, could you go to the store? I have an oil change appointment to go to," Drew's mother asked softly, knocking at the door.

"Of course," I smiled and watched as she came over to me, handing me the list in her hand.

"I just need these five items," she said showing the list "I appreciate it so much," she flashed a small smile and walked out. I closed my journal with its little lock and left it on the bed. I went to my boxes that were filled with my clothes and picked a random oversize hoodie to wear.

I couldn't help but look at myself in the mirror. I didn't want to; I know it would just make me feel insecure, but it's like my feet automatically move to the mirror. The hoodie covered my belly good enough, but I still noticed it was still there. Drew always said I look like I have gained no weight, but he's I know he's lying to make me feel better.


I parked my car in the furthest spot I could find. I need to get some exercise in, all I've been doing lately is sleeping. I grabbed a cart that was right outside the store and proceeded to walk in. I looked down at my list, which read "Apple Jacks" and strolled down to the cereal section. I continued roaming around and picking out all the items. I might have gotten a few extra snacks for myself.

I was reading a celebrity magazine while waiting for my turn. When it finally reached my turn, I placed the magazine back where I found it and started taking out my items. While she was scanning the items, I was bagging them. 

"When are you expecting?" the lady said with an enormous grin on her face. YEAH, I totally look skinny Drew! 

"I have around 4 months left," I admitted, curling my lips up into a smile. 

"Good luck! The total is 66.79," she said, and I handed her a hundred-dollar bill. I placed my bags into the cart and collected the change. Before I left, I placed a five-dollar tip in her little bin. She probably needs the money more than I do right now.

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