What's the Point

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 I stayed cuddled in his arms for what seemed like hours. Being in his arms felt like those rare moments when my mother would hug me. He slowly rubbed my back, consoling me and reassuring everything would turn out okay. Finally, the tears stopped trickling down, and I gathered courage to move away.      

"I'm going to go talk to Frankie and Drew before we leave," I said, turning around to see my two friends laughing like nothing had happen moments earlier.      

"Welcome back, Princess," Drew smiled.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but how are you still alive?" I asked, shifting my eyes between the two.            

"Oh, yeah," he said.           


"This potion should be able to bring you back to life," Katherine claimed, pulling out a yellow colored potion from her special freezer. 

"Should? How big of a percentage do I have of dying?" Drew asked, still weary about the how idea but was willing to try it if Imogen could come back. 

"Fifty, Fifty," Katherine said, chewing on her lip.

"Shit," Drew muttered, raking his fingers through his brown stiff locks. 

"We can also try another angle," Frankie added, placing her hand on Drew's shoulder.

"No, it's okay. I'm willing to take a chance if it helps Imogen turn back into the girl we all knew," Drew declared with a sparks in his eyes.

*end of flashback*

"I'm so grateful for you. If you didn't risk your life I might still be crazy Imogen right now," I said, scratching the nape of my neck. 

I can't believe how evil I became. Maybe deep down anti-Imogen does everything I'm afraid to do?

"Maybe you would still have Lucas, too," Drew commented muffled with a cough to hide his rude response. Frankie elbowed his stomach, narrowing her eyes towards his direction.

"How can you be so insensitive!" Frankie argued. "Freaking leave!"

Drew frowned, but obeyed Frankie probably fearing for his life. When Frankie's angry she tends to release a lot of anger with her fist. "Fine, I can tell I'm not wanted," he said, waving goodbye to us and walking out.

"Frankie, you're probably the only person who wasn't hurt during this whole process," I smiled, feeling relived that one of my friends wouldn't resent me. 

"How could you say anything bad about me? I'm freaking amazing," she giggled, pushing her curly locks off her shoulders.

"Oh really? Because I could think about ten things you could change and become a better person," I teased, causing Frankie to scoff at me. "I'm kidding." 

Frankie and I erupted into laughter, wrapping our arms over each other's shoulders. Suddenly, Frankie's dementor changed, leaving me confused at what caused her smile to disappear. I followed her gaze and noticed she was watching Katherine being lovey dovely with Rebel. Rebel had finished bandaging Katherine's wound, placing soft kisses on her forehead. She smiled, brightly causing the apple of her cheeks to flush pink.

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