Ferris Wheel

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Third Person POV

There was one week that occurred annually, which brought about a new persona for the entire town. It was a scorching hot spring day; a perfect day for a day at the fair. Beams of sunlight day through the shadows of the blossoming, delicate trees, swaying in the gentle breeze. The sky was dotted with a few candy-floss clouds. 

Imogen was up and early, preparing for the annual carnival. Imogen needed this, she needed a distraction from all the craziness her life has turned into. However, Kylie signed Imi and Franke to help organize the carnival. Imogen spent the night trying to come up with a reason why Frankie wouldn't be there and after the whole night; she could only come up with that Frankie had developed the flu overnight.  

"I hope she feels better," Kylie sighed, holding an enormous clear bag full of stuffed animals. She followed Imogen, who was holding a clipboard, checking if everything was in place.

"Yeah, I made sure to check on her before leaving," Imogen said, not looking up from her clipboard. She felt guilty lying to Kylie, but she already had one friend in danger. Her heart wouldn't be able to handle if she got Kylie dragged into this. "Now we just have to bring some prizes to the ring toss booth."

"Imi," Kylie called out.

"Yeah," Imogen glanced up to her beaming face.

"You know Rebel is really hot, I practically melted in my pants," Kylie winked.

"Umm, I'm not sure how to respond to that," Imogen laughed, shaking her head while writing on her clipboard. Imogen felt a vibration coming from her back pocket, she almost forgot her phone was in her pocket. She pulled out her phone, checking to see a message sent from Lucas.

"I'll be right back, just drop off the bag at the ring toss," Imogen smiled.


"How are you doing," Lucas said, a concerned look written all over her face while rubbing her shoulder.

"Okay, just trying to be a normal high school girl," Imogen stated. Imogen couldn't remember the last time her life was average.

"Oh, is that what we doing," A smile crept on Lucas's face, teasing Imogen.

"Yes, we are all going to be boring high school teenagers, who live in a world where your mother isn't trying to get you killed," Imogen responded, "Also no more mentioning of m-word," she pointed at him.

"Got it," Lucas answered, putting a thumbs up. He just wants her to have a great night. Imi has seemed distressed since her mother got kidnapped.

"Then later, you're going to take me to the Ferris wheel. We going to ride to the very top and you're going to kiss me. Making my heart flutter like a normal teenage girl. You see, the theme I'm going for," Imogen smiled, trying to bite her lip seductively.

"Yeah, I see and I'm liking it but shouldn't we worry about-," Lucas was cut off by Imogen's finger placed on his lips.

"Remember normal teenagers problems," she giggled, making Lucas's heart flutter in his chest. 


The sky is just a black sheet that's been poked with a needle one too many times. Faint music could be heard from beyond the tall grass, with the occasional happy screams suddenly piercing the air. The massive structures of the rides could be seen; roller coasters, Ferris wheel, helter shelter.

Imogen was watching some children running excitedly up to the ice cream booths. Ice cream wobbled perilously over the cones and dripped down their small fingers as they melted; some munched on brightly colored balls soft sugar strands that dissolved on the tongue. Remind Imogen of when Frankie would always try to steal ice cream from her. 

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