The Ritual PT.1

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Third Person

The entire group was outside Robert's house, resting underneath the blazing sun. Imogen was relaxing in the beach chair next to Kate, who was showing Imogen pictures of her and Sawyer. Imogen awed, seeing how far they came to be as a couple. Kate explained how Sawyer was always in love with her, but she had her eyes on another boy until she finally came to her senses.

"So you were in a love triangle?" Imogen questioned, tilting her head so Kate could view her eyes that were covered by sunglasses.

"You could say that," Kate shrugged her shoulders and her dimple on full display because of her smile. "I was just rebellious back in those days, but then I fell in love with him." She turned to admire her husband.

Sawyer, Lucas, and Sawyer's son Landon were all playing catch with each other. Sawyer chugged with all his force towards Lucas, nearly knocking the air out of his lungs. Lucas gently threw towards Landon, who cheered when he caught it.

Darius and his partner Julian were training, getting ready for the possible fight tonight. They both were sweating profusely, their gym attire was soaked in their sweat. With every punch, more sweat dripped down their foreheads, but they couldn't rest. Darius and Julian needed to keep Imogen safe, it's all they were asked to do.

Daenerys was inside preparing a fresh batch of pink lemonade for the group. Robert came inside to support his fiance, carrying everything outside. Daenerys carried the large pitcher while Robert helped bring out the glasses for the guests. The group swarmed them like the flock of birds, requesting for lemonade.

"I don't think I made enough," Daenerys said, pouring the last bit in Landon's glass. Landon quickly gobbled it down, causing some lemonade to drip down his chin.

"Drink slowly, Landon! We don't need you choking again," Kate commented, grabbing the glass and lowering away from the little blonde, freckled boy.

"Mommy, I'm thirsty," he complained, crossing his arms across his chest and angrily stomping away. Kate rolled her eyes, following after her baby boy.

"I'm going to go make a fresh batch," Daenerys yelled out to the rest of the group whose glasses were empty. Daenerys walked back inside the house, placing the container on the counter and reached in the shelves for a new package.

Imogen strolled her way towards Lucas; Lucas was in the middle of a conversation with Carter about his homeschool experience. Imogen wrapped her arms around Lucas's waist, tightly hugging him. Lucas stroked her hair, brightly smiling down at her. He intently listened to Carter's story while placing a kiss on her head.

"Yuck, teenage love," Carter commented, having to hold back the urge to throw up.

"You're just jealous because you can't get a girl," Lucas teased, clutching Imogen closer to his chest, and she grinned in his arms.

"I can get a girl! In fact, I went on a date two nights ago," Carter defended.

An arm curled around his shoulders, Carter looked up to see Darius's arm around him, pulling him closer into his moist shirt. "How much did you have to pay to get her to go out with you," Darius chuckled, causing the other two to snicker as well.

"Shut up, Darius! No one asked for your input," Carter whined, pushing his arm off his shoulder and strolled away from the group.

"I better go say sorry to him," Darius said, kneeling in front of Imogen. "I'm grateful to be able to protect you, my chosen one."

"Please, Darius, you don't have to be so formal," Imogen commented, gesturing for him to lift himself back up. He smiled towards her and turned to follow Carter's path.

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