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"Our family is special," Rebel said, scratching the nape of his neck.

My brows scrunched up. "What the hell does that mean?" I asked. "How are we special?"

"Here I'll show you." He gently grabbed my arm and led me to the kitchen as Lucas followed right behind us. 

"Okay, don't scream," Rebel said, seeking for approval in my eyes. He began looking in our drawers, seeking for something. His fingers were skimming all over the spoons and forks, in search of something else. He reached for a knife, inspecting it before turning back around.

"Wh-" Suddenly, a cold sensation entered my body, my eyes dilated seeing the knife plunged into my stomach. Rebel pulled it out quite roughly, making a whimper escape my lips.

"Imogen!" Lucas's eyes were wide in horror as he ran towards me. I lost my balance, falling onto the floor as Lucas caught my head from hitting the floor. He grabbed paper towels, trying to clean up the blood that was flowing out. I was still in shock at what just happened and struggled to react. I reached up to my stomach, touching the gushing blood that was flowing out. 

"Just wait," Rebel said with his arms crossed, staring deeply at my wound.

"What is happening?" Lucas asked, his mouth hanging wide open.

I felt the weird sensation of my body repairing itself once again. My shirt was drenched in blood, but I didn't feel any more blood flowing out. I lifted my shirt above my abdomen where the cut should be and saw my skin unharmed. 

"Wow, that's incredible," Lucas said, his widened blue eyes, inspecting the area. "If she could heal herself then how was she able to get into a coma?"

"Apparently, as I've learned through experience, if you have multiple wounds. Your body isn't able to heal fast enough, which probably caused the coma," Rebel said while grabbing an apple from the counter.

"Well, that makes sense in a weird way," I laughed.

Rebel took a bite out of the apple. "There also something else," Rebel mumbled.  

"What?" I questioned, lifting myself up from the ground. How many secrets could there be? Next thing I know, he would tell me I can become invisible.  

"We are also able to live more than once," Rebel blurted.

"How is that possible?" I asked. 

"It's been running through our family for generations. It's supposed to be kept between the special families. If anyone else finds out about it, they will hunt us down and murder us," Rebel explained. "We can't risk anyone knowing so," he turned towards Lucas, "We got to kill this fella." Rebel grabbed the knife he held before, glaring at Lucas and started walking towards him. Lucas tried backing up away from Rebel, but his back hit the wall behind, having nowhere else to go. Lucas's eyes were filled with fear.

"I'm sorry but I have to protect my sister," Rebel said, getting ready to plunge the knife into him. 

"Wait! No, don't hurt him!" I shouted, running towards them. I grabbed ahold of Rebel's arm, surprisingly being able to hold him back. I could feel him grunting and struggled under my grip to move it towards Lucas but I was able to hold it back.  

"Please Rebel," I said, losing my grip on him. "He won't tell anyone. He's my soulmate!" I begged, my fingers slipping from the knife.

"You could have just said that," Rebel laughed, putting his hand back down. Lucas exhaled the breath he was holding. 

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