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"Who the hell is this lady?" Drew asked, his eyes narrowing towards Lucas and me.

"I don't even know her name. She showed up to the dance searching for me. But why would she need to take Frankie?" I wondered, biting my lip.

Drew paced back and forth in the room and blurted out, "I know someone who could be able to track her down."

"Okay, take us to her then," Lucas said.

"Alright," Drew groaned, taking out his phone from his pocket.

During the call, I made sure to pay extra attention to his conversation. I overhead her asking Drew if we could meet her at her house. Drew glared at us, waiting for nods of approval, and asked her address. He continued speaking with her for a few more moments before ending the call. He wrote the address on his maps app while we walked outside to Lucas's car. Drew sat shotgun since he was going to help Lucas get there.

The Mercedes came to a roundabout with a fountain at the center, swept around it, and continued up toward a fantastic sprawling house. It was Victorian, redbrick topped with copper domes and spires that had long ago turned green. There must have been at least a hundred windows on five floors facing the drive. 

Lucas parked the car in her massive driveway and rushed over to open the door for me. He placed his hand out for me, causing my cheeks to burn red. Drew dashed over, latching onto my vacant arm. Lucas interlocked our hands but I couldn't enjoy it with Drew constantly tugging me. 

"Drew let go!" I rolled my eyes playfully.

"You will be safer with me holding onto you," he winked, tightening his grip on my arm. Lucas placed a small peak on my cheek, which caused the butterflies to arose in my stomach. 

Drew bitterly rolled his eyes."You guys make me sick," Drew said, pretending to vomit. 

Such a child.

"Let's go in. We shouldn't keep her waiting," I said, dragging them towards the front gate that lead us to the door. Once we reach the silver glass door, Drew knocked on it and we waited for a response. After a few moments, the door opened with a young woman appearing.

"Hi, I'm Kasey, I heard you guys are in need of finding someone and this is the perfect place," she said, reaching her hand out waiting for a shake. After we all shook her hand she moved to the side and let us all in. 

"Okay follow me," she said, walking back down her hallway. 

The first room was stuffed with ornate chandeliers, and oil paintings of young woman in those old fashion clothing. The stairs led down into a tall galleried room with a rug spread out flagstones, and a fireplace big enough to fit two cars in it. A long polished wooden table was set with a laptop and water bottles.

She sat in front of laptop, her fingers tapping on the keys instantly. Lucas and I sat in the opposite of her while Drew went to sit right next to Kasey.

"So Drew who do you need me to find?" she asked as her brows knotted and she continued typing rapidly on her computer.

"Someone who attacked my friend and kidnapped my girlfriend," he answered. 

He probably didn't want to mention I was the friend who was attacked. Kasey could be aligned with those people who are fighting so hard against me. Also since when have they changed their status into relationship? Frankie never mentioned any of this to me.

"Do you have a name? Or anything?" she asked, still typing endlessly on her keyboard.

Drew shook his head. "I could describe her, that's about it," he stated, leaning closer to her, having their shoulders touching.

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