The Purple Liquid

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Third Person

Imogen pulled Rebel closer to her and hugged him tightly, laying her head on his neck. Crying and crying endlessly. She struggling to breathe through her tears and her nose was stuffed. She didn't break quietly. It was like every atom of her being screamed in unison, traumatized that she could exist without him. When the wracking sobs passed she cried in such a desolated way that no-one could bare to listen. Lucas heart broke at the sight of his girlfriend sobbing and all he could do was rub her back.  

"Imi, I'm so sorry," He said, lost for words. 

"It's not your fault, Luke," Imi sobbed, clutching onto her brother.

Lucas stood up, pacing back and forth behind her, deep in thought.

"He must have known about him being special. There's no other reason why he would do that," Lucas said, rubbing his chin. 

"We never told him about it besides just because for all we know it could a myth and the possibility of him coming back could be pointless," Imogen cried, staring down at her brother's faint face and her tears fell from the brim of her eyelashes. 

"Do you know why he acted like this?" Lucas asked.

"Katherine made us drink a truth serum and it didn't end well," Imogen explained, stroking the lifeless locks on Rebel's head.

"So this is Katherine doing? She might have undone the only good in him," Lucas said, kneeling back down next to his girlfriend. 

"There was nothing good about him Lucas, not anymore. He wanted me to love him but he did the opposite. He rather people hate him, it's just easier that way." Imi said, staring at her beige carpet with an upset expression.

Lucas massaged her shoulders, trying to console her as much as he can. He wished he could wish her pain away and help bring the happiness back in her life. His heart continued shattering at the sight of how damaged his girlfriend was.

"He got his wish!" Imogen turned to meet Lucas's shining eyes. "I hate him, Lucas," she wailed, desperate to release an elemental rage on the world.

The whole world had vanished for her, now there was only pain enough to break him, pain enough to changed him beyond recognition. 

"I know, I know," Lucas reassured, placing soft kisses on her shoulders.


Meanwhile Drew entered his favorite place-- the bar. He goes straight to the counter and started grabbing as many bottles as he could throwing it at the wall. Regret was the only thought on his mind with every smash of the bottle. 

The bartender tried to stop Drew since he was a dear friend of his older brother. Sadly, it didn't work and only made Drew rage increase. The endless vodka and Jack Daniels was getting to him and all he could was red. 

The bartender was surprised by releasing an intense sensation on his cheek and getting brutally tackled to the ground. Continously, Drew socked him in the face, causing blood to gush out from his nose. The other worker had contacted the security and they rushed over to tear up the fight. 


Thousands of the thoughts wandered through Imogen's mind, causing her to form a mirage. She realized so many thing her brother had yet to tell her or teach her. Like what interested him to finally search for his real family? How living in foster care affected him. How the hell did he get himself involved with the council. Who would teach her how to drive now? 

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