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The nurse was waving the light in front of my face telling me to follow it. After that, she grabbed a clean thermometer and placed it in my mouth. She said my temperature was normal and just to wait for the doctor to come in. The nurse was still in my room but was attending to the other patients. My room wasn't a solo one, but instead was one filled with five patients. 

"Nurse Olly, do you know where Dr. Shepherd is?" another short brunette nurse came in asking.

"I think he's getting ready to go into surgery. Why?" She questioned, shoving a thermometer in another patient's mouth.

"There was a girl found collapsed in the bathroom covered in her blood. I think she needs to go into surgery immediately," she said.

"You're right, I'll help you page him." They both left the room. 

Could that girl have been Imogen? No, she seemed just fine before I left her. My curiosity got the best of me and I went out of the room to the hallway. 

I saw the same nurses along with a few extra ones coming, but this time pushing a patient. They came closer to me along with the doctor. I couldn't tell who the girl was from the distance, but as she got closer, I recognized her angelic face.  

"Imogen!" I shouted, trying to get closer to her. Her mouth was covered in dried blood down and it let down to her neck. Her beautiful face had lost its natural shade, looking lifeless on the bed.

"Sir, you're going to have to see her later," the nurse was holding me back from following them. I watched them turn towards the operation room.


Although all I had seen was Imogen's physical injuries, she was actually bleeding internally. Her brain was swelling from all the injuries the mystery man-caused. The doctors were able to stop the bleeding. They said there was a possibility she wouldn't wake up for a few days, but they were wrong. It was longer. 

 It's been around two months now, visiting Imogen in her hospital bed. I shouldn't have listened to her and forced her to go first, but would that really change anything? I won't be able to live with myself if she doesn't wake up. 

Usually Drew and I would take turns in visiting her. Students from the high school came during the first week to shower her with flowers and cards. Frankie came to visit right when she found out. She expressed to me how guilty she felt for picking a fight with her just days before.

Today, Drew had the night shift, and I was waiting for him to arrive. The first time I had met Drew was in gym and he didn't seem to like me. However, he still remained friendly. That was until he found out I was interested in Imogen. Now he constantly mocked me, but I don't care. He never failed to be vocal about hating the decision I made that night. He blamed me for her condition and wished it was me instead. To be fair, I wish that too.   

Imogen. My heart had beamed with joy on my birthday, knowing that I would finally find out the name of my soulmate. I had never met a girl named Imogen, but I knew that when I did, it would have been worth the wait. My parents seemed to have the perfect relationship and have been together before they even knew they were each other's soulmates. They always said that they felt as though they were made for each other. I only knew Imogen for a while but I felt like it's been years already. Her smile alone was able to brighten my day. My days have been pretty dim without her. 

"Imogen, why can't you just wake up?" I said grabbing her cold slender hand that has lost its natural creamy skin color. My favorite feature was how her cheekbones would flush faintly pink around me.

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