I screwed up

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Third Person

He was waiting for the red light to turn green, tapping his finger impatiently on the steering wheel. He groaned, feeling like the light was never going to switch. Drew checked his side mirror, noticing no cars behind him. Perfect! He knew he couldn't risk being followed, especially to where he planned to go.

Drew pulled in the dirt-covered driveway, parking his car as close to the house. He opened his car door, jumping down from his Jeep. He locked his car, pulling his phone from his pocket and checked if he received a message from her. No message, of course, he thought. He strolled down the pathway leading to the abandoned house.

In the old abandoned house sections of the ceiling hang limp in the stagnant air. The oldest residents of that abandoned house were spiders. Many generations had laced the walls with cobwebs of intricate beauty, though now even they lay in dusty rags. Fragments of plaster lie damp over a long untrodden floor, their only purpose to soak in the seasonal rain.

It had been three thousand decades since footsteps had echoed within these walls until she came here. The house had an eerie feeling, like spirits were surrounding him. Katherine has mentioned that over thousands of people have died in this house. The only furniture was an antique pedestal table carved of local oak and upon it a bottle of the finest whiskey and one upturned glass.

Drew walked up to the pedestal, opening the bottle of whiskey and wafting in the whiskey's rich smell. He picked up the glass cup with his other hand and continued walking down the hallway. At the end of the hallway, there was a small wooden door left ajar. He grabbed the knob, nudging the door open.

He stepped down the wooden stairs, causing every step to creak underneath him. Well, there goes the a surprise, he thought. He turned into the dimly light room, seeing two familiar figures arguing with each other.

"You're just mad because I'm better at your favorite game than you are," Frankie teased, covering her mouth to hide her laughter.

"No! I just let you win," Rebel argued, trying to start a new game to prove her wrong.

The batteries from the control must have died because he couldn't click the new game button. Rebel groaned lifting himself from his spot, trailing over to the small table which was filled with their important items.

"Yeah, yeah, sure. I'm just going to beat you again," Frankie beamed, shifting her eyes from the television to the boy standing in the door frame. "Drew? What are you doing here?"

Drew entered the room, having both of their eyes on him. "I've texted you like 5 times and called you," he said, wandering towards the table and placing his whiskey down.

Frankie reached for her phone, finally noticing all the messages he had sent her. She laughed, turning her phone back from mute. "Sorry, apparently someone put it on mute," Frankie said, narrowing her eyes towards Rebel.

"I didn't want your phone to disturb your sleep," Rebel added, switching out the old batteries for the new ones. Frankie's cheeks flushed, feeling heart thump faster than before.

"By the way, Katherine found out that you kissed Frankie," Drew blurted out, unscrewing the bottle and pouring a glass.

Rebel's eyes widened, his hands were shaking causing the controller to fall down to the floor. Frankie sucked in her breath, moving her hands up to move her curls behind her ear.

"How did she find out?" Rebel shakily asked.

Drew took a sip from his drink, gazing at Rebel. "I told her," he admitted. Rebel's eyes narrowed towards him, his jaw clenched along with his fist.

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