Why Drew?

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I felt terrible for leaving Imogen there, but how can she come on a rescue mission with her injuries? Lucas looked way worse than her. But we can't risk her getting hurt again. As I was putting rubbing alcohol on her body, I watched her wounds fixing themselves but my heart wouldn't handle her getting hurt again. She's just going to make it worse if she comes with us. I wouldn't be able to focus on helping Lucas if she came, all my attention would be on keeping her safe.

 I don't know why she cares so much about Lucas. They only meet a couple of months ago and he's all she thinks about. Even if she doesn't return the same feelings for me, I'll always be here for her. I will make sure she's always happy, even if that means having to watch her loving someone else.  

Imogen ignored all my messages that night, but I still showed up at her house. I waited outside her house for a bit but eventually left to go to my soothing sanctuary—the bar. I spend the rest of the night drunk texting her. Yet when I woke up in the morning, there were still no messages from her. I kept spamming her phone and my heart was telling me something was wrong. 

Finally, I received a call back from her brother. He explained how he had gotten knockout and woke up to Imogen missing. My heart dropped to the pits of my abdomen, I knew I had to come up and help Rebel find her. 

I'm considering perhaps it's time to find someone else. The council is telling me that Frankie is my soulmate, but when I kissed her, it felt like nothing. At least nothing compared to how Imogen made me feel, I felt like I got lost in her taste. She might be stubborn to admit it, but I know she can feel what I felt. 

It's almost dangerous, kissing her. We aren't supposed to be together, but that's what draws in the adventure. Any time I'm with her, it's like she's the only one in the room. Perhaps I'm giving her to Lucas because I think he's better for her. After all, she doesn't deserve a shitty guy like myself. She deserved someone like Lucas; he wouldn't ever hurt her.  

My many thoughts got interrupted when Rebel said. "We're here." back to where Rebel was waiting for us last time. 

It was just a few miles from the house. We couldn't risk letting them know we were showing up, but they most likely expected us to come back for Lucas. Rebel handed me two knives from his bag, placing them on my belts that were able to hold them in place.


"Okay. You lead us to the room and I'll keep watch," Rebel suggested.

"Got it," I said leading the way into the house. 

"You go back to the room and I'll keep watch out," Rebel said. 

We opened the door as quietly as we could. Surprisingly, you would expect them to lock the door this time, but he hadn't, and we proceeded in. Rebel followed behind me, making sure to keep our eyes out for anyone. I checked side to side before continuing down the hall. My hand was on my knife, ready to pull out just in case someone showed up. We kept walking in gradually, trying not to cause the wooden planks to squeak. 

I went down the cramped hallway leading to the cellar room where Imogen was held in. My hands motioned for Rebel to stay and keep a lookout as I went inside. The bleak room had blood-drenched all over the floor, but nobody was there. The blood was most likely Lucas's. He must be at the brick of death at this point.

"Pretty boy isn't a pretty boy anymore," I whispered to myself. 

Fuck!! I need to find him alive or Imogen will never forgive me. 

My fingers pushed my hair back out of frustration. Suddenly I heard a strong wailing coming from downstairs. I rushed out of the room, meeting Rebel's concerned eyes. Instantly I motioned signals to go downstairs quickly and go find Lucas before matters got even worse. I kept opening every door down the hall, checking to see if it was leading downstairs. 

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