Masquerade Ball Pt.2

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"YOU GET YOUR DIRTY HANDS OFF OF HER!" Robert demanded, staring at them with disgust. Daenerys was next to her fiance, looking down at them with horror. We should have paid more attention to her more, she thought if they hadn't noticed Imogen could have been raped.

"Imogen," Daenerys spoke, starting to walk down before Robert grabbed her.

"Honey, you can't go down there on your own," He whispered, looking deep into her blue innocent orbs.

"Darling, I can't just stand here, I have to go help her up, she's terrified right, I'll be fine," she assured him. Robert knows how determined Daenerys can be, so he lets her go help, Imogen. 

Daenerys walked down cautiously, making sure no one would try to grab her. Once she reached Imogen she bends trying to help the sobbing girl up.

"Don't worry, Imogen you're safe now," Daenerys consoled her, rubbing her back and zipping her dress back up. Imogen was relieved having someone calm her down, she wasn't dying tonight thanks to them. Imogen saw from the corner of her eye that a man was getting ready to hit Daenerys.

"DAENERYS," Robert and Imogen yelled. The man was getting ready to stab Daenerys but Darius intervened grabbing his arm, holding back with all his strength. Darius squeezed his hand, getting him to the drop the knife to the ground. Darius had a feeling in his gut that they would try something, so he made sure to be close by to help just in case.

"Thank you, Darius," Daenerys spoke, rubbing his shoulder. She helped Imogen up and started walking back to where Robert was with Darius guarding them. Frankie was there, ready to console Imogen, she even brought little chocolates to make her feel better. 

Lucas and Drew were both filled with rage, walking in to see the girl they care about almost getting raped. Lucas felt guilt in his heart, he left her on the dance floor all alone and gave them a chance to take her. His heart shattered more seeing how vulnerable Imogen looked, her face was drenched in tears.  

"Well, well so this is the famous Robert," the man smirked looking up at Robert from his chair "You could have joined in but fine," he spoke putting his hands up in defeat.

"Why are you here," Robert asked firmly?

"Taisla wanted to give you guys a message," The man said, lifting himself from the seat that was in the middle of the empty dark room. Imogen's body tensed up hearing that name, Taisla is her biggest nightmare.

"We don't care, tell her to leave us alone," Robert ordered. Robert didn't care what Taisla had to say. We can't trust Taisla; she's trying to kill the chosen one, she's only going to mess with our heads.   

"Well, I don't need your approval," he said, fixing his eyebrows with his fingers " She wanted me to give you," He said pointing to his side. A man came out from the dark, with a person who had a hood over their head. Robert's eyes fixated on the person, wondering who Taisla had presented. She's obviously doing this to get information out of us, we can't be foolish enough to fall for it, Robert thought. 

They pulled the hood off, showing a middle-age confused woman under it. Imogen was watching the whole thing unravel and couldn't believe her eyes. 

"Mommy?" Imogen wept, her mother was really in front of her, alive. Rebel turned around, meeting his mother's gaze. He hasn't seen her since five years ago, is she really in front of me, Rebel asked himself.

"Mommy is that really you," Imogen questioned, was the dream she had really the truth, that they were going to be reunited again? 

"Imi is that really you," her mother responded, her eyes welling up with tears. Robert had a feeling there was more to this then what meets the eye but he couldn't ruin a moment like this. Her mother starts running towards them and Imogen started dashing, meeting her halfway. 

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