Who Are You? (X Josh)

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Your POV

      I was walking briskly down the halls of my college towards the dorm buildings. I cut through the gym and basketball courts, arriving at the boy's building. I slid Josh's, my boyfriend's, key card in the door and heaved it open. I passed the elevators and to the stairs, climbing four flights before I reached my predetermined floor. I opened the door to the floor and my ears were flooded with utter chaos. It was a Friday night, the first one of after midterms, so I'm not surprised that the boys were rowdy.

       I walked down the hall, gaining some not so PG catcalls and stares. Once I made my way to the end of the hall it was quiet. Josh's door was closed and locked. I knocked on it quickly, annoyed from the boys down the hall. No one replied.

"Hey, Y/N!" Sam, Josh's roommate yelled from down the hall.

      He jogged up to me. He was a little sweaty and snow glazed the top of his head.

"Just finished my jog, heading inside?" He asked.

"Why were you jogging in the snow?" I asked, slightly worried.

"Josh seemed... On edge. Yelled at me a bit so I decided to get another jog in. Took a chance to let him cool down, and to get a workout done," He stated.

      Without another word, Sam slipped his key card into the reader on his door and let it open. Sam rushed to his room, hoping to avoid Josh.

"Josh?" I asked.

      No response. He must be in his room.

"Josh, baby?" I asked as I made my way to his room.

      I could hear him hitting his punching bag and cursing to himself. At least he isn't taking it out on Sam now. I slowly slid open the door as Josh threw one last punch at the bad. He didn't hear me. Josh ripped off his boxing gloves and threw them to the floor.

"Fuck!" He cursed angrily.

    He threw his fist in front of him and spun onto his bed. He curled up with his back facing me, I could hear his sobs. I waited a moment.

"Baby?" I asked again.

"Go away," He mumbled.

      I slowly walked up to him and sat on his bed beside him.

"Joshie I-" I began.

       Josh quickly got up and I saw pure anger in his eyes. He clearly hadn't taken his medication. He never gets like this.

"Get the fuck away from me!" He yelled.

      Josh shoved me off his bed. I felt my head hit something as a fell. The last thing I heard before I blacked out was Josh's voice.

"Oh fuck."

Author's Note: Ayeee Two parter! The next part will come out in a couple hours. I have work to do at the moment so I can't finish which us why I am posting this half now. Because... Cliff hanger. You know? Lol. Love you guys! 💕

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