Fake Pt. 2 ( X Josh )

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Your POV

( Right before Josh gets Ashley and Chris )

       I was glaring at Josh. He was sharpening something. I was hoping his illness wasn't getting the best of him and he was just using whatever he had for show. I heard footsteps sneaking by. I could barely see Ashley examining the area. I wanted to call out to her but I knew Josh would then know she was here.

    Josh turned off the machine he was using to sharpen his weapon and I saw Ashley run off. " What you looking at n/n ( nickname )? " he still had his mask on so his voice was still menacing. I shivered at the sound of his voice. He took off the mask. " I'm sorry baby, its almost over. I'm about to announce what is going on to Chris and Ashley. Yes I know they're here, you're not as slick as you think you are, " Josh explained.

     He slid the mask back on his face. He used a knife to cut me free. I hugged him, I hated that it didn't feel like him. " Everyone is going to be pissed, Mike especially. You know how he is when he gets mad, " I stated. Josh took off his masked and kissed my head before putting it back on. " Everything will be okay, " he promised me, " now come. " He covered my mouth with his hand and led me into the room where he was taking Chris and Ashley.

     He pushed me into a closet. " Josh- " I began. " Don't make a sound, " he stated. He closed the door and locked it. I heard a ruckus near the door. I suspected he put a chair against it. There was a chain window beside me. I saw Josh walk by. Minutes later he came back and I watched as he tied Chris and Ashley to chairs. " Josh, don't do this! " I begged.

     After a while of my begging, he got fed up and unlocked the door. I hugged him. He grabbed my arm and ripped me off of him. I saw he had a cut near his shoulder. " What happened? " I asked. " Nothing, " he replied in his demonic voice. He threw me against the wall. " Stay, " he demanded. I can't believe he just did that.

( After The Whole Scene With Chris And Ashley )

     Mike and Sam ran in. Josh put on a whole speech as I stood up and helped Sam untie Ashley and Chris. My arm was killing me and I was freezing in my tank top. " Y/N are you okay? What happened to you? " Mike asked. He offered me his jacket and I shook my head. After a while of talking, Mike punched Josh and he fell to the ground.

     " Mike, no! " I begged. Chris stopped me again. " Stop Chris! " I said angrily. Mike had his gun pointed at Josh. " Mike! Stop! Stop it right now! " I begged as I cried my eyes out. Mike lifted Josh by his collar and led him upstairs. Chris wouldn't let go of me. He knew that I would beat up Mike if I had to just to ensure Josh's safety. Chris sat me on the couch. Chris and Mike took Josh out into the snow.

     I waited a minute before getting up. I grabbed the jacket Josh and left on the couch along with his beanie and put them on. I ran out into the snow before anyone could stop me. I knew where they were keeping him and I ran to that building. I kept hearing screaming off in the distance.

     I arrived and saw Mike had his gun leveled at Josh's head. Chris had a plank of wood. I ran over and stood in front of Josh. " Don't hurt him! " I begged. " He killed Jessica! " Mike said angrily. Mike leveled the gun at my head and my lip quivered in fear. Chris hit the gun out of Mike's hand. Mike and Chris started bickering and I turned to Josh.

     He definitely seemed dazed. " Josh, are you okay? " I asked... I took a deep shaky breath. " Y-Y/N, " he said softly. He had a sick smile on his face. " Chris, you go back to the lodge, I'll stay with this lunatic till morning, " Mike stated. He looked over at Josh's sick smile, " Maybe hit him a couple more times. " Chris headed back towards the lodge.

     " Mike... You can't hurt him, " I said softly. I hugged Josh. " I'm staying here with him. Beating him up is like a payment for my wasted time, " Mike stated. " A sleepover? C-can we order some pizza? " Josh asked. I cried into Josh's chest. " Josh, why did you do this? " I asked. I stood up and heard a shaking sound in my pocket. " Oh my god, " I said softly, I pulled Josh's pills out of his jacket pocket, " it's his pills. "

     " No, doctor. I'm not sick... I don't need pills, " Josh stated. I read the label on the bottle. " Okay, this is weird, " I stated. " What? " Mike asked, now curious instead of furious. " After examining the ingredients and reading the other labels I've come to the conclusion that these pills won't actually help Josh with his illness, " I stated. I had devoted my life to medical school in the effort to help Josh. " I have unprofessionally diagnosed Josh with schizophrenia, " I stated. " This antidepressant, Fluoxetine, won't help him, " I stated.

    " Josh wasn't lying when he said these wouldn't help, " I stated. " Oh my god, " Mike replied. I untied Josh and he flung up. " Josh, I want to help you. Your psychiatrist wouldn't believe me when I said you had schizophrenia but maybe the doctors will believe me when we get you to a hospital, " I stated. I led him back to the lodge with Mike. Everyone was mad at me for bringing him back.

( After The Lodge Blew Up )

     I helped Josh into the helicopter. Once we arrived at the hospital Josh tried to get away. " Y/N, I'm fine! " he said angrily. " No, you're not Josh but if you listen to me and do as I say you will be, " I replied softly. " Please? " I asked. " Fine, " he replied. I kissed him quickly, " thank you. " I led him into the hospital and he sat on the hospital bed while I talked to the doctors.

     After our talk, they treated his wound and talked to all of our friends about what happened to see if he had the symptoms. The doctor came back to me. " I have come to the conclusion that he does have schizophrenia, " he stated. " We will prescribe a medicine immediately but as you know with your medical knowledge it can't be cured, " he continued. I nodded then looked at Josh with a weak smile. I will work as long as it takes to find a cure for your illness, Josh. I love you.

Author's Note: This One Shot was a little different from any other thing I've written before but it was fun none the less. Anyway, if you guys liked this chapter give it a vote and comment down below what you would like to see next. Love you guys!

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