Flames ( x Mike )

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Your POV

It was Sam, Mike, and I left in the lodge. Mike had the crazy idea to blow up the lodge. I wanted so badly to just run up to Mike and hug him again. We hadn't even seen each other since he went to he went to the sanitarium. Mike was staring directly into my eyes. " Don't move, " he mouthed the words. I was already frozen but he wanted to make sure I was safe.

Sam moved a little and the Wendigo saw her. Mike looked at Sam then back to me in shock. " Don't! " I mouthed. " Hey, Ugly! " he yelled. The Wendigo turned to him and picked him up. I began to cry but tried to stay frozen. The Wendigo threw Mike against the pillar and he landed next to me.

Mike was looking up at me, " leave. Now! " His voice wasn't able to go higher than a whisper. " I will never leave you, " I whispered. Sam looked at me and saw the tears in my eyes. I was close to the front door. If I made the right move I could get us both out.

I wove my arms under his and pulled him out quickly. Once we were outside I carried him a little further before collapsing. Mike landed next to me. " I told you to run, " he whispered. " And I told you I'd never leave you, " I replied. I sat up just as the lodge exploded. Helicopters flew overhead.

I lifted Mike's head onto my lap and he stared up at me. He seemed to be losing consciousness. " Mike, stay with me! " I begged. He cupped my cheek. " I love you, " he said softly. I pulled him into a kiss. His eyes lit up and it felt as if life was restored in him. A man tapped my shoulder. I turned to see an EMT. " Mike, you're going to be okay, I promise, " I said softly. He smiled weakly at me.

( At The Hospital )

Chris was pacing the room. I was sitting in the waiting room with him. The doctor walked up to Chris. " The police are ready for your statement now, " she turned to me, " and Mike is able to be seen, ma'am. " I stood up and she led me to Mike's room. When I entered the room I saw Mike was just waking up.

Mike's POV

I woke up in a hospital bed. I was immediately worried about Y/N. I looked to my side and she was standing in the doorway. " Y/N, " I said softly. My throat hurt and I could barely talk. She ran up to me and hugged me lightly. " I love you, Mike! " she said happily. I kissed her head. " I love you too, babe, " I replied softly.

I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my back. It felt the same as when the Wendigo threw me against the pillar. I screamed in pain. " Mike! Why happened? " Y/N asked. She stepped away from me. " It feels like I hit the pillar again, " I whispered. She hugged me softly and kissed me. The doctor rushed to my side. " Mr. Monroe are you okay? " she asked. " I-I- don't know. "

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