Reunion ( X Matt )

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Your POV

It was a couple years after... Josh did what he did. Ever since then I have been dating Matt. Everyone made it out but Emily was mad at Matt for leaving her to fall. Today we all headed out to the park to barbeque and play football. We split into teams. It was Mike, Jess, Emily, and I vs. Matt, Chris, Ashley, and Sam.

Jess hiked the ball to Mike and I ran out into the field. Mike threw it at me and I caught it with ease. Matt would teach me a little about football everyone and then. I didn't notice Matt coming at me from the side. He lifted me onto his shoulder and carried me down the field. " Matt! " I squealed. " Interception! " Chris yelled happily.

Mike chased after Matt. Matt ran into the end zone. " Touchdown! " Matt yelled happily. He beat his chest before setting me down. He kissed me softly and I dropped the football. I smiled as I pulled away. " I love you, " I said softly. I grabbed the football and smiled. " but, we've got a game to win, " I said happily.

" In your dreams, " Matt joked. I knew he would let me win anyways. " We'll see about that, " Mike said happily. We all got back into our places again.

( Later )

The teams were tied. " Next point wins! " Matt yelled. Mike nodded to me. He also knew Matt would just let me win. Although, I don't think he'd want to let down his team at a tie. Emily hiked the ball to Mike and I went running. Chris chased after me.

Mike faked a throw to Jess then threw it to me just as I gained some distance away from Chris. Matt was a couple yards ahead of me. I swerved to the right and barely dodged Matt. I threw the ball to the ground as I reached the end zone. " Touchdown! " I screamed happily. " We win! " Mike said happily as he high-fived me.

Matt ran up to me and quickly hoisted me onto his waist. " Matt! " I said happily as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He kissed me passionately. " Looks like I did win after all, " I said softly. " I'm going to go get the stuff for the barbeque from my truck, " Mike announced before leaving. " I guess you did, " Matt replied. He kissed me again.

" In our rematch, you won't be so lucky, " Matt joked. " I think I'm going to retire. Keep my spot as the better football player, " I joked. " Yeah, we'll see about that, " Matt replied with a smirk. He pulled me in for another kiss. He set me down. " You shall now call me Y/N, the football queen! " I said happily. Matt laughed. " Ok, your Y/N the football queen, " he said happily.

He tackled me in the softest way possible. " Matt! What're you- " he cut me off with another kiss. " but I am your king, " he finished his previous statement. " Ok, " I was at a loss for words. He kissed me again. Matt got off of me and helped me up. I saw out of the corner of my eye, Mike walking up towards us. He stayed a little bit away from us which made me confused.

Matt's POV

I nodded to Mike and he pulled out his phone. " Look, a rainbow! " I said happily. Y/N turned around, I knelt down on one knee. " There's no rain- " she turned around and saw me with the ring box in my hand. " Matt! " she said happily. She started to tear up.

" Y/N, we've been together for years and I probably should have done this a while ago, but, I love you and want to know. Will you marry me? " I asked. " Yes! " she screamed. She hugged me quickly. " I love you, " she said softly as I slid the ring on her finger. " I love you too, my queen. "

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