Texting ( x Chris )

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Your POV

I was on my computer, typing up an essay for my history class. I heard my phone go off. It was Chris. I had a sort of crush on Chris but everyone thought he had a crush on Ashley so I didn't tell anyone I had a crush on him.

Chris: Hey!
Me: Hey! 😜
Chris: I need your help!

He needs my help. I blushed and sighed happily. I can't believe he came to me for help.

Chris: It's about a girl I like

Oh great. It's about Ashley. My heart dropped, but I tried to stay happy for Chris.

Me: How can I help?
Chris: Okay, so I like her but I don't think she knows it. I want to find a way to tell her I like her. Can you give me a really good line that would tell her I loved her but also fill her stomach with butterflies because she makes me feel the same way when I talk to her?
Me: How about...

I took a second to think. What would work on me? " Oh, I know! " I said happily as I began typing again.

Me: Hey, ( girl you like ). I remember the first day I laid eyes on you... I knew you were the one. How did I get so lucky to find you? Your smile makes my heart soar and you have this way about you that makes everything better. I love you.

I smiled to myself. I think if a guy said any one of those lines I'd swoon over him.

Chris: Woah...
Me: At least, that would work on me.
Chris: Great, one second.
Me: What?

" What was Chris talking about? " I asked myself. There was a knock at my door. I stood up and cautiously walked to my door. I opened it slowly, " hello? " It was Chris and he had a bouquet of roses. " Hey, Y/N, " he began. He recited the lines I had written. I smiled up at him. " Chris I- " I began he handed me the roses.

I smelled then set them down on the table near my door. " Thanks, Chris, " I said happily, " but am I really the girl you like? " He nodded, " you always have been. Ever since middle school. " I kissed his cheek. " You wanna go out to dinner? " he asked, " we can go to f/r ( favorite restaurant ). " I nodded, " yes, of course. You know I love f/r. "

" That's why I suggested it, " he said happily. Chris took my hand and led me down the stairs into the parking lot. He opened the door to his car and I hopped in. " Can I use your mirror? " I asked. " Uh... Yeah, " Chris stated as he started the car. I pulled down his mirror and a card fell out.

I opened it and saw it was the card I gave Chris for his birthday in our freshman year of high school. " Hey, Chris! Happy birthday! You are amazing! I'm so glad I could make it to your awesome party. Don't tell Mike but you're my favorite! XOXO- Y/N. "

" Awe, Chris. You kept this? " I asked happily. " I uh, yes, " he repeated. I kissed his cheek. " I meant it, " I said softly. " Meant what? " Chris asked as he parked his car at the restaurant. " That you're my favorite, " I said with a smile. He turned to me and smiled warmly. I cupped his cheek and pulled him in for a kiss.

When he pulled away he stared directly into my eyes. " W-wow, " he said softly. I giggled awkwardly as I tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear. He kissed me again and smiled at me. " I-I-I-I- love you, Y-Y/N, " he said softly.

Author's Note: Got a reader x Ashley coming out after to follow this one. Anyway, if you guys liked this chapter give it a vote and comment down below what you would like to see next. Love you guys!

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