Pale-Eyed ( X Wendigo Josh )

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Your POV

     We were taken down the mountain. I was still concerned about whether or not Josh was okay. I saw Mike leaning up against one of the ambulances. " Mike! " I screamed. I ran over to me. " Y/N! Are you okay? " he asked, concerned. " Wh-Where's Josh? " I asked. " I-I- uh... " Mike began. I already knew what his answer would be. " No! " I said angrily. I turned and ran towards the stairs to the cable car. Mike chased after me.

      " Y/N! Stop! " he begged. I ran into the cable car room and slammed the door shut. Mike pounded on the door. " Y/N don't do this! " Mike begged. " I have to find Josh! " I stated. " The wendigo dragged him away! He could be dead by now! " Mike stated. " What if he's alive Mike? What if he's alive and we are just leaving him up there? " I asked. " I can't let you go! Josh told me that if he ever was to get hurt he wanted me to take care of you! If I let you do this and get hurt, I wouldn't be able to live with myself letting Josh down. Even after all he did, " Mike stated.

     Some of the cops from down the hill rushed up and headed for the door. " I'm sorry Mike, " I said softly. I ran into the cable car and it started heading up the mountain. " No! Y/N! " Mike yelled. I soon arrived at the top. I was immediately terrified. My brain told me to go back but my heart forced me to move on. " Josh? " I called out. I heard screeching. I froze.

      Something was roaming in the bushes around me. I saw its pale eyes staring into mine. It jumped from the bushes and examined me. It was Josh. His face was bloodied and he had slight claws. He screeched revealing his fangs. " Josh- " I began. In an instant, my back hit the ground and Josh was on top of me. Blood was dripping from his mouth and landing on my earmuffs.

      " Y...../N, " he grumbled. I cautiously reached up to touch his cheek. He jerked his head back and examined my hand before letting it reach his cheek. " Josh, It's me Y/N. Your girlfriend, the love of your life, " I stated softly. " Y/N? " he repeated. He lifted me to my feet. I slipped and grabbed his hand. His claw scraped my palm.

      " Ow! " I screamed. Josh grabbed my hand. He looked at the cut and licked his lips at the sight of my blood.  He pushed me against a nearby tree. His fangs were glistening in the moonlight. " Josh please~ " I begged. He kissed me. His lips were a little rough but it still felt good to kiss him.

     " C-Cover up th-the b-b-blood. It makes m-me c-c-crazy, " he stated. His hand was shaking. I ripped off part of my shirt and wrapped it around my hand. My cut stung badly. " Y/N? " I heard Mike yell. " Josh, I think they might hurt you, " I said softly. I hugged Josh tightly. " Come with me... Stay with me in the caves. I'll feed you and take care of you, " Josh stated. He started to sound more human.

      " I don't k ow if I can live out here in the cold with one outfit and no way to get clean or anything for the rest of my life, " I stated. " Please- " Josh begged. Mike emerged from the trail with the cops behind him. He pointed a gun at Josh. " Y-Y-Y/N, get away from him! " Mike yelled. I stepped in front of Josh. " Don't shoot! " I begged.

      " Y/N! What are you doing? " Mike asked. " I know it doesn't look like Josh, but Josh is still in there somewhere! There has to be a way to cure him! " I stated. " Look at him. He is one of the monsters now. Just come over here and- " Josh picked me up and I screamed. " No! " Mike yelled as Josh ran away.

Mike's POV

      " Don't shoot! Don't shoot! " I stated, " can't risk shooting Y/N. " I sighed. I just hope she'll be okay.

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