Little Kids ( X Matt )

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Your POV

      6th grade. I was sitting next to my best friend Matt. We were both shaking in our boots on the first day. The teacher was calling every kid up to announce their name and something they like. Matt was scared to death.

" Matthew Taylor? " the teacher asked.

" U-Uh Matt, " he replied.

" Come on up. " I patted Matt's shoulder and he blushed before getting up. He had a small letterman's jacket on from his football team. He looked so cute in it.

" H-Hi I'm MaTt, " his voice cracked and the whole class erupted into laughter. He ran back to his seat and buried his head in his hands.

" Ma- "

" No, Y/N. " After everyone stopped looking at him I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

" Hey, " he said as he looked up at me. The bell rang and I got up to leave. Matt grabbed my arm and my eyes widened. He pulled me into a hug.

" Thanks, " he whispered before gulping.

" I like you Y/N. "

" I like you too. "

Author's Note: How would you guys like a Rami Malek smut? Idk. Any requests? Love you guys!

Almost forgot! Requested by DanielleCarinci

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