Baseball Game ( X Chris )

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Your POV

        I'm a big fan of sports. Baseball mostly. Chris knew this and invited me out to see a game. I was getting ready when Chris knocked on my door. I fixed my hat then opened the door. His hair was ruffled and he only had one arm in his jacket. I giggled at how much of a mess he was. He quickly slid on the other sleeve as he said, " Hey, Y/N. " I grabbed his hand and pulled him into my apartment. I grabbed a hat and set it on his head. He fixed it quickly.

          I grabbed his glasses off his face before he had time to react and led him into the kitchen. I started my coffee machine while I fixed his glasses for him. " Here you are, " I stated happily. I put his glasses back on him. The coffee finished minutes later and I poured him a cup.

       " Th-Thanks Y/N, " he said nervously. I grabbed a cup for my self and we talked for a bit before finishing. " We should head out... Don't want to be late for the game, " Chris stated. I set my cup in the sink, "Let's go then! I'm so excited! " I squealed happily before taking Chris's hand in mine. He blushed then I led him out. I climbed into the passenger seat of Chris's car. Chris fixed the Dodger's hat that I gave him.

( I don't watch sports that often. I only know the Dodgers. )

       " Nice hat, " he said happily. " Thanks, I got it a while back from my dad, " I replied. Chris set both of his hands on the wheel and took a deep breath. " Okay, let's go, " he said finally. He started the car and we began driving.

( Later )

       We headed into the stadium. There was a person with a dodger mic looking around. " You two! Over here! " she said happily. Chris looked confused but I led him over excitedly. " Are you two dating? " she asked. I looked up at Chris. We were technically dating... Ish. We have gone out on technical dates but didn't call them that. We've never kissed and we aren't boyfriend and- " Yes! " I blurted excitedly.

        Chris immediately intertwined his fingers with mine. " Yep, Y/N is my girlfriend, " Chris said happily before kissing my cheek. " Okay, we are going to do a questionnaire. If you guys can answer two questions about each other then we will upgrade your tickets and you will get to meet the players! " she said happily. Little did we know that the whole thing was being broadcasted to the entire stadium. " Yay! " I screamed happily. " Okay, we are going to blindfold one of you, " she began. She handed me the blindfold and I put it on.

Chris's POV

       The woman handed me a whiteboard. " Okay, when did you start dating? " she asked. I quickly jotted down a couple months ago. I held my answer up to the camera. She signaled for Y/N to reply. " Uhm... A couple months ago, " she stated nervously. " Question one is correct! " she stated happily. Y/N took my hand and squeezed it out of excitement. " Question two. When was your first kiss? " she asked. I decided to answer truthfully... Never. " We've never kissed, " Y/N stated. " Well, it's correct, " the woman stated in a less happy tone. She whispered something to the cameraman. " Here are your new seats down by the field. Enjoy the night you two! " she stated happily. Chris grabbed the tickets and we thanked her before heading down. I stopped him in the stairway. " Will you be my girlfriend? " he asked frantically. " Yes! Chris! " I replied excitedly. I kissed him on the cheek. I wasn't ready to kiss him just yet.

       He kissed my forehead. " Let's get down to those seats, " he said happily. We quickly rushed down the stairs and Chris spotted the seats. We were right upfront. " Oh my god, Chris! This is amazing! " I said happily. " Touch... Down...? " he asked. I kissed his cheek and giggled, " home run. " We sat in the seats and Clayton Kershaw and Yasiel Puig walked up to us. " Hey, you two. We saw you on the big screen. Follow us, " Puig stated. I basically fainted but Chris stopped me.

       Chris helped me up and my legs were shaking. We climbed out onto the field. " The game is about to begin! " The Announcer yelled. " What's your name? " Puig asked. " I'm Y/N and this is Chris, " I said happily. He led me up to the pitcher's mound. Chris smiled happily from the sideline. " You're going to pitch for us... Okay? The first pitch, " Kershaw stated. My eyes widened, " O-Okay. " Puig chuckled softly, " don't be nervous. "

        " Yeah, Y/N! You got this! " Chris yelled happily. He handed me a ball. " The first pitcher of the day is Y/N L/N! " the Announcer... Announced. I felt my palms sweating. I readied my aim. " Go! " Puig yelled happily. I lined up the pitch and threw as hard as I could at Clayton Kershaw who was now at bat. He hit it quickly and it flew way outfield. The crowd erupted into cheers and Chris ran up to me.

        I jumped onto his waist and he kissed me quickly. Chris pumped his fist into the air and the crowd cheered and laughed. We ran back to the seats and I pulled him in for another kiss. " I love you, Chris, " I said softly. " I love you too. "

Author's Note: Similar chapter next! Any requests? I'm so sorry about the wait. I'm kinda torn between two guys right now. You wouldn't understand. Love you guys! 💖

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