Bully ( X Chris )

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Trigger Warning: Swearing
Your POV

      I was going through my locker. I couldn't find my books. " Where are they? " I asked myself. " Looking for these? " A voice asked. I turned to see Mason, the bully, holding my books. I frowned. " Yes... Can I- " I began. He threw the books in the trash can nearby. I sighed. " Why? " I asked, " why do you do this to me? " He laughed. " Because I can, " he said smugly. He grabbed my wrist. " Follow me, " he demanded. " Let me go! " I begged.

     Chris came up behind him and hit him in the head with his book. Mason clutched the back of his head. " What the fuck! " Mason said angrily. He grabbed Chris's collar and shoved him into the locker. Chris swung a swift punch at Mason and he fell to the ground. " Quick, follow me! " Chris said frantically. He grabbed my hand and led me away from Mason.

       He ran over to the supply closet and pulled me in. He closed the door behind him. It was really cramped in the closet. We were so close our lips were almost touching. " Th-Thanks, C-C-Chris, " I stuttered. " A-Anytime, " he replied nervously. I knew it must have taken a lot for him to do that because he wasn't the bravest person. " It's pretty cramped in here, " Chris stated uncomfortably.

     I tried to step over a box. I tripped and fell on Chris. My lips crashed into his as he fell back onto the shelf. I pulled away. " I-I'm sorry, " I apologized. " Don't apologize. I-I- liked it, and to be honest I've wanted to kiss you for a while now, " Chris admitted. " You have? " I asked. " Yeah, " Chris replied as he blushed. I kissed him again. He kissed me back immediately.

       " Thanks again for saving me, " I said softly. " You're welcome. I don't think Mason will come after you anymore, " Chris said happily. The door to the supply closet opened. Mike was standing there... Confused. " What are you guys doing? " Mike asked. Chris helped me up. " Nothing, Mike, " Chris replied. Mason noticed us in the closet. " Chris get the fuck over here! " Mason said angrily.

      Mike stepped towards Mason. " Back off Asshole, " Mike growled. " He fucking punched me, Mike! " Mason stated angrily. He pointed to his eye it was slowly turning black ( black eye ). Mike looked back at Chris as we stepped out of the closet. At first, he was angry but his frown melted into a smile. " Nice punch bro, " Mike said happily. " What the fuck, Mike! You're going to side with Glasses, the resident nerd. Why not me? You're best friend from football! " Mason stated.

      " Chris is a better friend than you could ever be, " I said angrily. Mason lunged forward and swung a punch at me. Chris jumped in front of me and took a punch in the gut. " Chris! " I yelled worriedly. I hugged him softly. Mike beat Mason up. Chris looked down at me. " You saved me twice today, " I said softly, " I don't know how to thank you. " He cupped my cheek and pulled me in for a tender kiss. " That works, " Chris said happily.

Author's Note: I'm mostly going to just write something when someone requests it because I'm working on a lot of new ideas. I will occasionally write my own. So... Request what you would like to see next I guess. Anyway, if you guys liked this chapter give it a vote and comment down below what you would like to see next. Love you guys!

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