Caverns ( Jess X Matt )

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Jessica's POV

       I saw a figure in the distance. At first, I decided not to say anything. Then, I noticed it was Matt. " Matt, " I coughed. He turned around. " Jess! " he said in shock. He ran over to me and hugged me. " What happened? " he asked quickly. " Th-This thing. P-pulled me out of the cabin through a window, " I began. He pulled off his jacket and gave it to me.

      " It dragged me to an elevator of some sort and Mike, he couldn't get to me in time. The elevator fell and I ended up here, " I finished explaining. He hugged me again. " I'm so sorry that happened to you, " he said softly. I held back the urge to make a snarky comment because he was actually being nice to me.

      The only other person that is ever actual nice to me is Mike. I know Mike doesn't like me. He could drop me in seconds for a prettier girl. There was a screech. " What was that? " I asked quickly. " Follow me! " Matt whispered. He led me down the tunnel and quickly flung me behind a wooden barrier. He held my hand as he said, " stand still and be quiet. "

      I stood still. He watched outside. There was a pale monster climbing hurriedly across the walls. It turned to go back. " Ok, run, " Matt whispered. He led me down the trail some more as the screeching continued. There was no exit. "Let's hide! " I begged. " No, trust me! " he whispered in reply. He put his arm in front of his face and held me back as he kicked down some wooden planks leading outside.

       He pulled me outside and onto a tiny little slit of rock. I tried my best to stay quiet and still. " Don't worry, I'll protect you, " he whispered softly. I blushed. The beast stuck its upper body out of the exit. It looked from side to side. Once it disappeared Matt found his way down to the snow. " Okay, jump! I'll catch you! " he stated, a little louder than a whisper. I was scared but I trusted Matt now.

       I jumped and he caught me with ease. " My hero, " I whispered as I stared into his eyes. He smiled and blushed a little. I rested my arms on his shoulders as he set me down. He had his hands on my hips. " I~ " he began. I kissed him softly. It didn't take long for him to actually kiss me back. When I pulled away he sighed. " I shouldn't have done that, " he stated. " What? " I asked. " I mean, I have a girlfriend and you have a boyfriend, " he replied. " Mike has probably already left me for Sam, " I replied. Matt looked down. " Do you really think Emily likes you? " I asked.

      " What? " he asked solemnly. " She just used you in the hopes of making Mike jealous for leaving her, " I stated. " You know what? " Matt asked. " What? " I replied. " I hate Emily and I... Love you, " Matt stated. I kissed him again. " Let's save kissing for later. As much as I love kissing you I want you to stay safe, " he stated. I laughed. " Okay, " I replied. " But I did mean it. I do love you. "

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