Crash ( X Chris )

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Your POV

      Chris was driving in the middle of the night. I felt sick and every time I felt sick Chris would take me for a drive at night. " Are you feeling any better, babe? " Chris asked as he looked at me. He had a weak smile and his eyes were drooping. He shook himself to stay awake. " A little, " I replied softly.

      " That's better than nothing, " he stated. " Thanks for doing this for me Chris, " I said happily. " Anytime, babe. I love you, " he said happily. We turned onto an open road. There was a deer near the road.  It jumped into the road. " Deer! " I screamed. Chris swerved and hit a power pole. " Chris! " I screamed before he hit it. My head jerked forward and hit the sun visor.

      I felt the blood leaving my forehead. I suddenly went unconscious.

Chris's POV

       I somehow stopped my head from hitting the steering wheel. " Y/N! " I screamed. The pole fell and crushed the space in between us. I felt small pieces of glass piercing my skin. " Ah! " I yelled. I tried to push my door open but it didn't work. I slowly climbed out the window. " Y/N! " I yelled as I made my way around my car.

      I made it to her door. She was out cold but I still called her name. " Y/N, you're going to be okay. I promise you, I will make sure you make it out of this alive, " I stated. I tugged on her door to see if it would open. It didn't. I saw the pole was slowly crushing more of the car which would lead to the motor and could cause a lot of damage. I had to get Y/N out now.

      Stuck my head and arms in and unbuckled her seatbelt. I wrapped my arms under hers and pulled her out. " Careful Chris, " I stated to myself. I lifted her out of the car. I dragged her away from the car. I' felt my legs give out as I crashed onto the ground. I shielded Y/N's head. I heard sirens wailing from down the road. " Hey! " I yelled, " Over here! "

       They stopped near us. One of the men ran up to us. " Sir, are you okay? " he asked. " N-Not me... Her, " I stated slowly. He knelt down beside Y/N. " I will make sure she is okay, come with me, " the man demanded. He helped me up then lifted Y/N up. I looked over to her. She was bleeding a lot. I couldn't help but feel like it was my fault she got hurt.

( Later )

      Mike had arrived and was waiting with me. The doctor still hadn't come up to us. " If she dies, its all my fault, " I stated. " I have two things to say to you. One she's not going to die and two, from what you told me... It's not your fault, " Mike stated as he clasped my shoulder." Thanks, Mike. "

Your POV

        I woke up. " Chris? " I asked groggily. There was no response. I heard footsteps. " Ma'am are you feeling okay? " a woman asked. " Y-Yes, but... What happened? " I asked. " To my knowledge. You were in the car with your boyfriend and crashed. He saved you by pulling you out of the car and to safety, " she explained. " He did? " I asked. " Yes, all while being in utter pain from the 72 shards of glass in his arms and chest as well as 3 shards in his face, " she stated.

       The doctor came in and Chris followed. " Y/N! " he said happily. He ran over to me and hugged me. " I'm so glad you're okay, " he said softly. " Chris, you saved my life! I love you! "

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