Lost ( x Mike )

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Trigger Warning: Slight Swearing
Your POV

I had the biggest crush on Mike. We all did, well the girls. Sam didn't want to admit it but she did. The only one who didn't was Ashley, she was too preoccupied with her crush on Chris. I was in the kitchen with Beth. " Woah! Did you see that? I swear I saw someone out there, " she said anxiously. I was to busy admiring the fact that Josh and Chris were already out cold. " Huh? No, " I replied. She sighed and walked over to the counter.

Beth flipped a paper that was on the counter. " Oh no, " I said, I was sneaking a peek at the letter. This had to be a prank I mean he is dating Emily right... and why Hannah, why not me. I don't know why but I felt jealous. I shook my head and took a deep shaky breath. " You okay? " Beth asked as she placed a hand on my shoulder. " Yeah, " I replied.

I heard the door slam shut. Beth looked at me, wide-eyed, before running out. Everyone else was already outside. " It was just a prank, Han! " Emily yelled into the snow. I was already cold after standing out there for a second. Beth ran off. Mike looked to me he had a concerned look in his eyes when he saw me shivering. Emily turned him to face her and kissed him glaring at me while she did.

I ran off. " I gotta help Beth! " I yelled. " Y/N don't- " Mike yelled after me. His voice was shut out by the sounds around me. It was snowing mildly. I looked around. It was really dark and I didn't have my phone. I was shivering a lot now. My eyelids became heavy. I slapped myself. " Stay awake! You have to find Hannah and Beth! " I yelled at myself. I saw fire shoot out from behind the trees. I jumped.

I heard screaming. I ran towards the sound though my brain told me not to. I ended up at a cliff. Ducked behind a tree when I saw a man looking over the ledge. I heard him sigh. " I'm so sorry, " he said solemnly. He looked up and I could tell he noticed me. I turned around, my lip quivering in fear, and ran. I was never an athlete but I ran really fast this time. I was close to the lodge, I think. I looked back to check if the man was behind me and I tripped. I felt something graze the side of my head and I screamed in pain. I felt the blood leave my skull as I drifted into a state of unconsciousness.

Mike's POV

After fifteen minutes we all got worried. We were about to leave to search for the girls when Matt stopped us. " Someone needs to stay back with Chris and Josh in case they wake up, " he stated. " Em should, " I blurted immediately. " What? " she asked, slightly angry slightly sad. " I'm just saying... I don't want you to get hurt, " I stated nervously. " Awe, thanks sweetie, " she said happily. She ran inside. I've been waiting so long to break up with her. I've always liked Y/N anyways.

We headed out, using our phones as flashlights. " Y/N, Y/N where are you? " I yelled. " Hannah? Beth? " Sam yelled. I heard a loud scream and ran in the direction. " I think its Y/N! " I yelled. Everyone followed me. I saw Y/N laying on the floor, unconscious. I knelt down beside her.

She had a cut in the side of her head from a small rock. She was bleeding slowly. Her unconscious body was shivering in the cold. I ripped part of the sleeve off of my plaid shirt and tied it around her head. Using it to slow the bleeding. " Oh my god! " Jess screamed. Matt knelt down next to me and pulled off his jacket. I sat Y/N up and he wrapped the jacket around her.

I lifted Y/N up bridal style. Her eyes flickered open for a second. " Mike? " she asked softly. " Y/N, don't worry! You'll be okay, " I stated softly. She rested her hand on my cheek and she pulled my face down. My lips met hers and I blushed a deep red. " If I don't make it, I want to say. I love you, " she said softly. Her eyes flickered shut.

" Don't worry Y/N, you'll be okay, " I said as I kissed her temple. When I turned to everyone they were just staring at me. " Someone call an ambulance, I'll get her back to the house, " I stated. " I got signal near the cable car earlier. I'll go there and call for help, " Sam said anxiously. I nodded and Sam ran off down the trail.

" Where are Hannah and Beth? " Jess asked. " Matt. You and Jess should go look for Hannah and Beth. Ashley and I will take Y/N back to the lodge, " I directed. Matt nodded, " okay, we'll hopefully be back with Hannah and Beth. " Ashley and I headed for the lodge. She monitored Y/N's head injury until we got back.

When we got back Chris was sitting on the chair attempting to get signal. He had a hand on his head. " Chris! " Ashley said happily. He stood up at the sound of her voice. " Ashley! " he saw Y/N, " what happened? " I laid Y/N on the couch. " Is Josh awake? " I asked. Chris shook his head, " I just woke up a moment ago. Em was persistent on getting me up, I don't know why. Josh is still out cold. "

I sighed. " Do you know where there might be a first aid kit? " I asked. Without a word, Chris ran upstairs. He returned with a first-aid kit. " Thanks, Chris, you're a life saver, " I said happily. I pulled out the rubbing alcohol and gauze. I placed a small towel near the side of her head. I quickly removed the fabric off of her head. I poured the rubbing alcohol on her wound and I saw her wince.

" I'm sorry, it's only for a couple seconds, " I whispered softly, even though I knew she couldn't hear me. I heard Ashley and Chris talking as I wrapped Y/N's wound in gauze. " Yeah, and Mike kissed Y/N, " Ashley stated as Em walked in. " What the fuck did you just say? " she asked angrily. Em waltzed up to me and grabbed my collar. She lifted me to my feet, angry tears filling her eyes.

" Tell me it's not true, " she stated. I nodded, " it's true. I don't love you Em, I always loved Y/N I just didn't have the courage to ask her and you asked me so... " She threw me back and Chris caught me. " You fucking di- " she began. " Shut up! " Chris yelled. " I have a huge headache all thanks to you Emily so just. Shut up! " Chris said angrily. Emily stormed into the other room and Ashley sat there... silent.

" I'm sorry Mike, " Ashley apologized. " It's fine, " I stated. I saw Y/N waking up out of the corner of my eye. " Mike? " she questioned softly. I ran to her side. I heard sirens wailing outside. A medical helicopter had arrived. " You're going to be okay, " I said happily. I cupped her cheek softly and kissed her just as the medics rushed in.

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