Pale-Eyed Pt. 2 ( X Josh )

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Trigger Warning: Swearing

Josh's POV

      I lifted Y/N up bridal style and ran off into the snow. " J-Josh, please put me down, " she begged. " Not until we are safe, " I replied with a grunt. My mind was racing. I could still smell her blood. She sighed heavily as I set her down on the cold cave floor. I sat down my head spinning. Kill her. A voice in my head demanded. " No! Never! " I replied. " Josh, are you okay? " Y/N asked, lightly grabbing my arm. Come on, one swift swipe to the neck. Or would you rather send your claws through her gut? Both of them are painful but the second one would be more fun.

      The voice sounded familiar. " Neither! I will not hurt her! " I yelled in reply. Y/N backed away from me. I felt a hand on my shoulder. Dr. Hill stepped in front of me. " Come on Josh. " I froze. " D-Dr. Hill? " I asked. " Josh, what's going on? " Y/N asked, concerned. Dr. Hill stepped behind me and from behind me... Hannah and Beth arose. " Come on big bro, " Hannah said softly. " She killed us, now kill her, " Beth continued.

     " She did, " I began, glaring at Y/N. I shook my head when I saw the fear in her eyes. " I still can't hurt her! It wasn't directly her fault, " I continued. Their fingernails dug into my skin. I jerked back and my back hit the floor hard. " Stop! I will not- " I began. I heard footsteps. " Y/N, " I whispered. My raspy Wendigo voice was taking over my own.

      " Yes, Josh, " she replied. I looked over at her for the first time in minutes. She was cowering in the corner behind a rock. " Y/N, I'm sorry if I scared you, " I apologized. I heard footsteps again. I got up quickly and started running up and down the tunnels. My vision started to fade. " Woah, " I said softly. I could see Y/N's body. It was slightly tinted orange.

      " What is going on? " I asked myself. There was another person in the tunnels. They were alone and... scared. It was a man. A... Familiar... Man. I don't know why he is familiar he just- " Y/N! " he called out. It was... Mike. Who is Mike? The name flooded my head when I heard his voice. I went to call out his name but it was replaced with a screech. What's going on?

     He was heading towards me. " Josh? " Y/N called out. " Y/N! Y/N I can hear you! I'm coming! " Mike yelled. He wants to take her from me. I can't let him do this. Y/N saw me perched on the wall. " Josh, what are you- " she began.

Your POV

      Josh pounced on me before I could finish my sentence. " St-Stay-y, " he groaned. It seemed as if it were a pain to talk. " Josh, don't hurt- " his hand scratched my hip. " Josh! " I screamed. " Y/N! Where are you? " Mike yelled. Josh took a step back. My hip was bleeding... Worse than my palm. I felt the blood leaving me. I'm afraid I might die.

Josh's POV

      " I'm sorry I- " I began. " Hey, ugly! Leave her alone! " Mike said angrily. I turned around quickly and glared at him. " Oh fuck! " Mike yelled. He started to run away but I pounced on him. He let go of the gun and it slid away, out of his reach. " J-Josh, " Mike stated. I lifted my hand into the air and readied my claws. Y/N grabbed my arm and pulled me off of Mike.

     " Josh, you don't need to hurt him, " she stated. I saw Mike crawling towards the gun. I lifted him up and threw him against the wall. " Josh! No! " Y/N screamed. She ran up to Mike. She ran up to... Mike. She... Mike. Who are they? The girl was checking on the man. " Mike! Mike are you okay? " she asked. I could see the blood draining out of him. Feast. Feast on Mike. Make her watch then eat her. The voice in my head was taking over.

      The girl turned and looked at me. Her e/c eyes were piercing mine. They were... beautiful. Y-Y-Y/N. The name was flooding back into my head. Feed... Feed now! I ran over to Mike and lifted him up by the throat. " Josh, " Mike gasped. " Josh don't! "

Author's Note: This chapter was requested by DanielleCarinci, hope you liked it! There will probably be a part three as a finale later. Comment down below if you want to see that. Anyway, if you guys liked this chapter give it a vote and comment down below what you would like to see next. Love you guys!

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