Pale-Eyed Pt. 3

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Trigger Warning: Swearing

Your POV

      I grabbed Josh. " Josh, please! " I begged. He dropped Mike. He pushed me up against the wall. He kissed me softly. " I-I- have to f-feed. It's you... Or him, " he stated. " No, you can go... Find an animal, " I stated. " No! " he hissed. " I must feed now! " He grabbed Mike again. He readied his claws. " Josh! " I begged. He looked at me solemnly then ran away with Mike. " Fuck, " I said to myself. I took off my shirt and tied it around my waist. I knew I was going to die now.

Josh's POV

      I-I- killed him, and for what? One meal. I shouldn't have killed him. I should've listened to Y/N. I ran back to where she was. She was barely breathing. " Y/N! " I yelled. I knelt down beside her. " Y/N don't leave me! " I begged. I ran back and grabbed some leftover... body parts. (?) I held it in front of her. " Eat! " I demanded. She shook her head.

      " Eat this! It will save you! " I yelled. She shook her head again. " Eating that and becoming a monster like Hannah, would be worse than death, " she replied. " A monster like Hannah? You mean a monster like me? " I asked. " No, I love you. Every shape or form I will always love you, " she replied softly. I saw her fading.

       " No! " I yelled. I lifted her up carefully and ran her down to the cable car. I reluctantly set her in the cable car. " I love you, " I said softly before sending her down.

Matt's POV

       I saw the cable car coming down. " Hey! Over here! " I yelled. " Is Mike back? " Jess asked. " I don't know, " I replied. The cable car flung open. " It's Y/N! " I yelled, " and she is badly injured! " I lifted her up bridal style and carried her over to the ambulance. " Where's Mike? " Jess asked worriedly. " Who fucking cares he pointed a gun at me! " Emily yelled angrily.

      The EMTs took Y/N and rushed her to the hospital. Chris ran over. " Was that Y/N or Mike? " Chris asked. " Y/N, " I replied," Mike is still up on the mountain. " Chris sighed. " I hope they find him, " he said worriedly. " He should never have gone to save that... Fuckup! " Jess said angrily. " Hey! " I replied angrily. " Shut up Meathead! " Jess stated angrily. Emily didn't defend me. Predictable.

Your POV

      Josh. Josh killed Mike. I can't believe he killed Mike. He ran up to me. " Y/N! Y/N I'm sorry. I shouldn't have killed him. I shouldn't have brought you here. I'm just a stupid self-obsessed jerk! " Josh said angrily. " No Josh you're- " I felt a sharp pain in my hip. I tried to scream but no sound came out of my mouth. After all the pain everything went dark.

      I woke up. Matt was sitting at my bed. " Matt? " I asked. " Y/N! I'm so glad you're okay! " he hugged me. " Is Josh okay? " I asked even though I knew the answer already. " No one found him, " Matt replied. " Do you know where Mike is? " Matt asked. I started to cry. " What happened? " Matt asked. " Josh... killed him, " I cried.

       " What? " Matt asked as he stepped away. " He- He killed Mike, " I replied. Matt ran out of the room to tell the others. I let everything around me drift away. All I could see was Josh. I was in the cable car. " I love you. "

Author's Note: Finale to this little story! Yay! Sorry it took a little while. Anyway, if you guys liked this chapter give it a vote and comment down below what you would like to see next. Love you guys!

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