Lessons ( X Matt )

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Your POV

      I headed down to the football field. I love to watch Matt practice, I have a huge crush on him. I sat on the bleachers and pulled out my phone, pretending to not be looking for Matt. Then, I saw him, sprinting down the track that surrounded the field.

Matt's POV

       I noticed Y/N arrive and sit in her usual spot. She came every Tuesday and Thursday to watch me practice. I pretended I didn't notice her but I showed off every time she came. I bolted down the track in an attempt to get her attention. I succeeded.

Your POV

        " He's so fast, " I murmured under my breath. He disappeared behind the start of the bleachers. I sighed happily though I started to feel shivers... As if I was being watched. I didn't get a moment to look behind me before two warm hands found their way to my shoulders. I could hear the faint sound of music though it was muffled.

        " Hey, Y/N, " Matt whispered, sending chills down my spine. I turned to face him and he had a tired smirk plastered on his face. " Want me to show you a thing or two about football? " he asked. I nodded not knowing what else to do. Matt climbed in front of me and extended his hand out. " My lady, " he chuckled as I grabbed his hand.

       Matt pulled me up and I fell onto his chest. I screamed then hugged him tightly, afraid of falling again. I could feel his abs through his thin, grey shirt. " Are you okay? " Matt asked nervously. " Y-Yeah, " I replied as I pulled away. " Well, let's get to football, " he stated happily. He led me down onto the field. Matt grabbed his football off the bench and handed it to me. " You know how to throw? " Matt asked.

       " No, " I replied. Matt got behind me and grabbed my hand along with the football. His hand was right on top of mine, his fingers in between mine. Suddenly, his fingers curled and intertwined with mine. " Matt? " I asked as he wrapped his arm around my waist. He started kissing down my neck. " M-Matt~ " I stuttered nervously. He began to suck on my sweet spot. I sighed happily. I turned around to face Matt. " I placed my hand on his arm and was about to kiss him when I heard a loud sound.

       " Matty! " Emily yelled. She was drunk. " Come here, " Matt started, " we haven't dated for weeks. " Matt pulled me in for a kiss. " How dare you? " Emily asked as she got to the field. I pulled away and turned to Emily, Matt did the same. " He * Hiccup * is my man! " Emily stated angrily. " Em, you broke up with me! " Matt stated angrily. " I came to take you back! " Emily replied. " I-Its to l-late for that, " I stuttered. Emily slapped me and I fell to the ground.

      " Back off Emily! " Matt yelled angrily. He knelt down beside me and checked my face. I felt a little bit of liquid sliding down my face. " Y/N, you're bleeding! " his voice started to echo. I felt everything fading. It all went black.

Matt's POV

      She passed out. " How could you do that Em? You know we are through. Leave Y/N and I alone. Okay? " I asked. I lifted Y/N up bridal style and ran her out to my car. I laid her down in the back seat, using my jacket as a pillow. I have to get her to the hospital.

Your POV

( A Little Later )

       I woke up a little later with a mask on my face. " She's awake! " a doctor yelled. " Let him in, " another stated. I looked at the door and Matt walked in. He noticed I was awake and ran to me. " Y/N, I'm so glad you're okay! I love you, " he stated. " I love you, too. "

Author's Note: Requested by DanielleCarinci! Love you guys!

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