Muse ( X Josh )

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Your POV

        I drank from a coffee in the corner coffee shop called Good Morning Sunshine. ( The Name of a coffee shop in a future book to come. Follow me for updates on that💖 )

" Hello, Beautiful, " Josh started as he walked up to me. I giggled as I took another sip. Josh adjusted his sunglasses before pulling out his camera.

" Hey, Josh. "

" How's my perfect muse doing on this fine morning? " I slid him the coffee I bought for him and he smiled warmly.

" Thank you, " he stated happily.

" Smile, Princess! " Josh quickly took a photo of me quickly.

" Hey! " I stated angrily.

" Awe, come on! You look beautiful! " I stated. I took a deep breath.

" Josh, do you like me? " I asked. He gave me a confused smile.

" As a friend, yes. "

" What about as more? " I asked innocently. He scratched his neck and started drinking his coffee.

" I... " he began. I stared directly into his doe eyes. I could barely see them through his sunglass lenses.

" I do. " My eyes widened slightly though I expected that response.

" Do you like me? " Josh asked back. I nodded slowly though I was extremely nervous. Josh stood up and I, for some reason, did the same. Josh quickly lifted me up and spun me around. I wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him quickly.

" That... Escalated... Quickly, " Josh said between kisses.

" Do you want me to stop? " I asked. Josh shook his head slightly then kissed me. He set me down then took my hand in his. Our fingers intertwined and he kissed my cheek.

" Wanna head out? " Josh asked.

" Yes, anywhere you want to go in particular? " I asked back.

" Not really, you? "

" Nope, " I replied happily.

" Let's just start driving. We'll find a place to go. It'll be fun, " Josh suggested. I smiled happily before we left the coffee shop.

Author's Note: This chapter is dedicated to all my amazing readers. team10loverxox, S4mSepi0l, Boosational, DanielleCarinci... And all the rest of you! Love you guys! I wouldn't be here without you. Sorry, its so short Any requests? Love you guys! 💖

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