Nightmare ( X Josh )

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Josh's POV

       It was freezing. I was in the middle of the forest on our mountain... Desperately searching for Y/N. We were being chased. I don't know who was chasing us but he terrified me. I heard an ear piercing scream down the trail.

" Y/N! " I yelled. I ran down the trail to see her laying in the snow, motionless in a pool of blood.

" Y/N! " I yelled again before rushing to her side. I slid on my knees, scraping myself as I landed next to her. She had a knife in her chest and she was crying.

" J-Josh, I t-tried to run, " she stated softly. She reached up to touch my cheek.

" No, no. Don't die on me Y/N. Please don't die, " I begged. She smiled lightly before I kissed her. I felt tears sliding down my cheek as I felt her start to fade. I suddenly had a third person view of myself and Y/N. It was like an outer body experience.

I... Well, not actually me but a somewhat twisted version of myself was what I was watching. He grinned devilishly. My eyes widened as he gripped the knife.

" Josh? " Y/N asked.

" No! Don't hurt her! " I yelled... At myself. He twisted the knife and she screamed. What was I doing? I ran up and actually managed to... Shive myself off of Y/N. I punched him and he passed out. Everything was so confusing at this point. I knelt down beside Y/N again but she didn't seem to notice me.

She was grasping the knife and crying.

" Y/N, Y/N, can you hear me? " I asked. Her head fell to the side. She... She's dead. I held her lifeless body in my arms, not willing to come to terms with the fact that she died.

" Y/N, no. Y/N... No. " I repeated those words endlessly as I cradled her. I tried to hold back the tears but they wouldn't stop. Why her. Why couldn't it have been me?

I took a deep breath as I woke up. My head was buried in the crook of Y/N's neck. I was laying on top of her and she had an arm on my back. I hugged her tightly. She woke up slowly and hugged me.

" Are you okay, Josh? " she asked worriedly.

" Yes, " I cried. She started to rub my back.

" I'm just happy you're alive. "

Author's Note: Shortish chapter. Just wanted to update since I haven't lately. I'm so sorry, I've been busy. My team won our in-house robotics competition so I'm working on coding every day and people are starting to think I'm dating my friend Charlie so I'm sorting that out. I hope you'll understand. Love you guys! 💖

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