Glasses ( x Chris )

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Your POV

I was resting my head on Chris's shoulder. We had just arrived at the lodge with Josh, Hannah, and Beth. I was really tired. I scratched my nose then let my hand fall to my side. It landed next to Chris's. I looked up at him and saw he was blushing. Chris moved his hand closer to mine.

His soft skin slid across my hand as his hand intertwined with mine. " Chris? " I asked nervously. He turned to look at me. " I don't know if now is the time but... I've had a crush on you... since middle school, " I stated anxiously. " I've had a crush on you too, " Chris said happily. I grabbed Chris's glasses and set them on the table. " Woah, Y/N. You know I can't see without my glasses, " he stated nervously. " I know, " I said happily.

His eyes wandered the room and he had a scared look on his face. " Are you still next to me? " he asked. " Yes, Chris, " I said softly. " I don't need you to see anything, " I stated. He looked confused. " I just want you to feel, " I said softly. He nodded and I giggled. I loved messing with Chris but this time I wanted him to know I loved him. I planted a hand on his chest and felt his heart beating rapidly. I grabbed his collar with my other hand and pulled him close to me. Our lips were inches apart.

He smiled. His hands found their way to my hips. " You feel my breath? " I asked. He nodded again. I cupped his cheek and watched him blush. I pull his face towards mine causing our lips to touch. At first, he was a little shocked, then he kissed me back. He blushed as I slowly ran my hands through his hair. I moved my hand from his chest to his neck.

I felt goosebumps on his neck and smiled to myself. As I pulled away I grabbed Chris's glasses. " You want your glasses back now? " I asked. He shook his head. " Nope, I don't need them yet, " he stated happily. " What- " I began. He pulled me in for another kiss. I let his glasses rest in my lap. I heard the sound of a phone camera taking a picture.

" Nice! " Josh joked. I pulled away from Chris and quickly handed him his glasses. I curled up in a ball, I didn't like having my picture taken. I didn't like seeing my face on social media... and Chris knew that. No one else knew this, only Chris. I told Chris about everything, my insecurities and about my social anxiety.

Chris stood up with a stern look on his face. " Josh, what are you doing? " he asked angrily. " Photography at it's finest, " Josh joked again. " Delete the photo, now, " Chris demanded. He glanced at me and I smiled weakly. " What, why? " Josh asked. " ... because I said to Josh, okay? Just do it, " Chris demanded calmly.

Josh sighed, " fine Chris. I guess I'll find a different muse. " Josh laughed then walked into the kitchen. " I'm going to have a couple beers. Want some? " Josh yelled from the kitchen. Chris looked down at me with a small smile. " Sure, as long as Y/N comes with me, " Chris said happily. " That's fine by me! " Josh said happily, " the more the merrier. "

I smiled up at Chris as he extended his hand to me. I took it and he lifted me to my feet. Before I had time to react he dipped me. " I love you Y/N, " he said softly. " I love you too Chris, " I replied. Chris kissed me longingly and I smiled. Chris pulled me to my feet again and we headed towards the kitchen, hand in hand.

Chris's POV

Y/N is adorable. I love her so much. I was a little overprotective earlier but that was because I know how she works and she was scared. We walked into the kitchen together. Josh smiled as we entered. " Think fast! " Josh said happily as he threw me a bottle of Irish whiskey. I caught it with ease. I liked to hide my athletic side from most people.

" Nice catch, Bookers, " Josh said happily. I still don't know why he called me that. I know it was a harmless joke but I wasn't the biggest fan of it. Y/N turned and kissed me. She knew me well enough to know I wanted to punch Josh right now. My glasses slid down my nose and hit her face. She giggled as she pulled away from our kiss. She pushed my glasses back up the bridge of my nose and smiled at me. I kissed her temple softly. " I love you Y/N. "

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